tips to carack the job interview

How to crack the job interview

Hey, have you received an interview call you had desperately waited for? Congratulations!

You will have butterflies as soon as the round of wishes is over. You would probably start feeling the gaze of penetrating eyes of a highly experienced expert panel a week before the final day. Those questions you probably never heard of would give you sleepless nights. No matter how confident you project about your preparation, cracking a job interview can take time and effort. However, you can make it happen and increase your chances of success. How? After giving more than 20 interviews to date in all reputed institutions countrywide, moreover being a part of an interview panel, I have jotted down some points with my experience and expertise. Let’s see. 

Here is a 10-step guide to help you get interview-ready:

  1. Read your interview call letter twice to ensure you cover all relevant points. Check the venue, date, time, and dress code if mentioned. Keep all your required documents neatly arranged in the file cover. Please keep it where you can find it on the interview day. 
    In case of online interview upload the mentioned app and get used to work on it. Laptop must be your first choice. At times it is made mandatory to log in with a laptop. Update your profile to be displayed. Use your own picture and no other pic. Keep it fully charged.
  2. Google search the Company beforehand you aspire to join: I highly recommend studying the achievements of the organisation you aspire to join. Collect significant knowledge on the services/products they provide, present objectives, motto, and digital presence. Go through their social media handles and read the blogs while checking their website. This knowledge will come in handy when asked the trickiest questions. Like, “Why do you want to work in this institution/company?” How can you contribute to our Company?  
  3. Be aware of the Job profile you will be interviewed for: Pay attention to the job description. Make sure you understand the role. Reach out to other resources to know more about the expectations of the company from future employees. Show you own those qualities. 
  4. Try mock interviews and take feedback: Mock interview is an effective tool to practice and remove your fear of public speaking. 
  5. Watch tutorials, listen to the podcast of subject experts: You will get access to valuable tips based on mandatory Interview Questions. By preparing common interview questions such as “Tell us about yourself” and “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” you can put your best foot forward during actual interview.
  6. Dress formally, greet gracefully: Your dressing sense can make or break it. Dressing professionally for an interview is most important. Choose interview appropriate attire and ensure it fits you just right. Avoid flashy colours and fancy styles. It shouldn’t be revealing enough and, at the same time, comfortable, chic, and wrinkle-free.
  7. Be an Early bird: You should reach the interview spot at least 10-15 minutes before the environment gets tense, with most candidates coming simultaneously. You will be relaxed and well-versed with the instructions by then. 

    Check out the traffic condition at that particular hour when you have to leave, and be familiar with the route in advance to avoid last-minute panic.
    For an online interview, set up your table, log in at the given time only. Chose sober background. Set up the extra light and don’t forget the mike. 
  8. Avoid aggressive and biased approach to any question: Avoid politics, religion, and personal life to fuel your answers. Stick to the subject, and stay non-judgemental. Select your words carefully. Speak clearly yet deliberately. Never use derogatory words. Stick to classy phrases. Support the concepts and theories you mention in your answers with sufficient data.
  9. Be genuine and relevant. Listen carefully to the interviewer’s questions. Once they finish speaking, then only you must start. Keep your answers to the point—no need to go over the board. Make sure you come out genuine, giving out the correct information. The board can disqualify you for giving them a false picture of your qualifications and work experience. Try to provide relevant examples from your past experiences. Beating around the bush will not help. 
  10. Drop that Follow up email: It is not part of the drill; however, a follow-up with a thank you email/ letter would make a long-lasting impact. The interviewer will instantly put you on the top of your mind and the list of reserved candidates, if not the selected ones. This small effort conveys a lot about your work ethic.

I hope you find these tips helpful in your coming interviews that’s going to be cakewalk for you folks. Remember to wear a Smile, and be courteous even if you don’t know the answer to any question. Even if your voice trembles initially, control your heartbeat and spread that charm. It compensates for everything you lack.  

I would love to read your comments below.

             Good luck with the next big date!



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