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In response to: Be the Change

What change my blog would bring in this world?……Hmmmm I have never thought about it. I am so tired to think about it. Actually rather than changing the world through my blog I WOULD PREFER to be part of this world. I am here to read, write, make friends, share my experiences of life….be it photography, traveling, teaching, relationships etc. and moreover to learn something new each day by visiting amazing blogs here. I love doing creative things here…..that’s all. How much I missed connecting with my friends and golden oldies ( wait ! I didn’t call them oldies, they think they are 🙂 ) for the whole week ! Once I got a chance to write and publish a post otherwise unable to do so due to poor connectivity. Tried to read few posts and was happy to see the confirmation ‘reply published’.

Just reached home after a long road trip…….Traveled on roads for almost a week, Enjoyed like hell in Rann Utsav in Kutch, moved across Arabian Sea to seek blessings of Lord Krishna at Bet Dwarka, saw some old grand forts, monuments, saw beautiful sunset at White desert of Kutch, Gujrat, did camel safari wohooh !

Grand finale of the trip…. new year celebrations on the amazing beaches of Daman and Diu. Sunset, sea, shores, sand, shells, music, lights, dance…OMG ! what a terrific way to kick start year 2015 !!!  Now is the time to do some laundry and I need good rest before anything else.

Sharing here some pics of the trip, hopefully these photos will compensate for my not so accurate words. I will be in my elements soon…..A spirited soul who try to bring some positivity in the lives of people. Isn’t it a big contribution in the so called change being discussed here in Blogosphere today?



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  1. I am wishing you a special and fantastic New Year, Rashmi! I am off with a grandson for the day (and night!) Stopped at the library for a post to display and comment a few times… hugs, Robin

      1. I just lunched a writing competition in a Nigerian university and i would love you to be one of the international judges! All the work involved is to read the long listed stories (Five) and pick which one you think should win the compitition! More details is on my homepage 🙂 pls accept my offer.

  2. I never intended anything when I started blogging. i found some nice stuff along the way, but I just thought it would be nice to have a place to post pictures and have people read what I write. That I made so many friends and maybe helped a few people along the way is just a big bonus 🙂

  3. Some lovely pictures. I just blog because it is there. People even read what I write. I wonder if I am changing the world with my writin? I don’t think so, but it changes my world and keeps me busy and out of mischief.

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