I am what I am supposed to be…

Verbal Confirmation 


 I live in a moment” live it well

engrossed, committed, pride to swell

I become what is to be expected

living this very moment, not regretted 

 I become a daughter to grow, to be pampered

My in-laws know me as a home maker

I display my cookery skills for a sumptuous dinner

Being a mother I donn all the hats possible

a nanny, friend, teacher and councellor,

at times hard task master but most of the times protector

 I am a sister to share, laugh till I roll down

 argue till I collapse, paint the town

    Time to move, I become ” Movers and Packers “

Living out of boxes, posted to exotic places

Hey ! I become traveller during vacations

A explorer reaching out to untouched locations

I am a Photographer seeking for perfection

 As soon as I enter the campus, an updated educator

a friend,guide, philospher to young custodians forever

I become a wife to greet my man in the evening

flashing million dollar smile ,fresh and glowing  

 Living this very moment totally enchanted

I scribble like a writer to bond with this world

I become a spirited soul when close to GOD


pingback : http://writingwingsforyou.com/2014/08/06/we-need-poets-i-become-our-latest-collaboration/



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  1. Hello! For some reason I thought maybe you did more than one poem on this topic? There were a couple of different links and one was broken. I just wanted to make sure I had fulfilled my promise to you.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Your words are so enjoyed. :0)

    By the way, I know I asked this before, but what is your name? I couldn’t find where you had written for me. Please forgive me. You might want that on your Author Bio so we can all connect your beautiful words with your beautiful spirit.

    1. Hello I am Rashmi kashyap from India.I have no idea why this problem occured.Once I send the link but then in absence of any response I posted the words in your comment box. Sorry for inconvienence.I am still learning so might be a technical error. Oh yes I changed the photo after sending u d link that could be the reason.I will be more careful next time. Thanks for publishing my poem.

      1. No apologies whatsoever. You had worked so hard, and I wanted to honor that. I’m with several authors here at a writing retreat, and we got quite frustrated about the internet problems.

        I’m still figuring out so much too…especially how best to showcase the collaboration. It’s been so wonderful to see everyone’s contributions.

        I saw your name Rashmi, almost right after I asked. :0) Thanks for your patience.

  2. GR8 my pingback for we need poets is funchioning !……… You can check from your side too. My friend Cafe ,The daily dose of Music blog was curious to know about poetry collaboration. I briefed her about grt work you are doing. Take care.

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