Better Late than Never

In response to the Dp prompt:  In Due Time


I am a relaxed person now and a jubilant one too. Our pingbacks are back. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER and we are actually on the magical grid ! I’m so happy and pray that it should not get lost again.

I live in a moment and live it well, so no deadlines for me. I live life as it comes and keep no deadlines for me because I JUST CAN’T STICK TO IT. I am quite moody and sensitive person and prefer to go slow in the race of life. I seek perfection in everything,  What I m liking/doing now whether I will like /do it tomorrow or not, who knows?

I do things in my own sweet way, at my own pace. When I was younger deadlines used to sound attractive and I was all game for it now no more. ‘Enjoy the life how it comes’ is my motto in life today. On this good note I am going to do what I want right now rather than doing once I’m done with the deadline…..Going to have my dinner. Today I have made mouth watering and real spicy hot Aloo chaat and papri chaat…..yummmm. I can’t wait more. Happy Blogging.



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    1. You did the right thing and all the way so supportive. Actually like a motherly figure to all budding bloggers. Thanks for being in the family and holding it so nicely 🙂

      1. Shall I alter my name to Angloswiss mum, or better Mother Angloswiss? I quite like children, but adopting a few hundred bloggers is a large responsibility. Oh, just call me mum in future.

      1. First part is already out. Written by Mosses. So waiting for the next part now. As it is chain whoever is free to write can write 🙂

  1. I believe all of us were missing the grid. It is all the more convenient rather than finding the posts of fellow bloggers on the reader. At times it doesn’t show, it has something to do with proper tagging. All felt that instead of fixing the grid they were focused on the updated page of stats navigation which as it is was not going to make big difference.
    Regarding the collaboration, if I guessed it right you are talking about the Flash fiction story then yes it was a cool experience. Jathin posted a pic which Sweety found interesting and wrote a story based on that. I liked it and wrote the second part two days before. You can read it in my recant posts ‘The woman of good deeds’. Now Jathin has again posted one pic and this time Moses took the charge. It is good to be part of it.

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