Daring Do 2: Boat and Birds….

It was a beautiful morning……I was looking forward to the boat ride with my husband to reach Bet Dwarka temple located on an island near Dwarka, Gujrat. While we were waiting for the boat at the shore of the Arabian sea, a lady came to us and tried selling a small packet containing bird feed. I could not understand the significance of that packet then and refused to buy. Meanwhile she moved ahead looking for other buyers.

Why I’m telling you this? Just look at the photos and you will understand. The moment we left the shore a swarm of birds started following us. People took out their packets and started feeding the birds. I was amazed to see the speed with which they moved to catch the feed.

It was a scene out of sci-fi thriller where these winged creatures were following us flying just right to catch the feed which was being thrown to them by excited passengers. With in no time many amongst us got overboard to see birds attempting to collect the feed from their hands itself. As the participation of people on boat increased, in no time the boat started swaying and situation was becoming unpleasant, ladies started shouting on those boys who were standing to come back to their respective places. I too got worried but chose to show no signs of fear and kept enjoying the game.  DSC_7720

 The boys refused to listen to the ladies that’s when the driver of the boat intervened. Simultaneously my husband also rose to the occasion to control the situation  As it is said that prevention is always better than cure so he requested all the passengers indulging in throwing bird feed to do so while remaining seated and not to go bonkers. Boys were suggested to let others enjoy the beautiful view.  Thankfully good sense prevailed, everyone understood the situation and a potential unwarranted calamity was averted. So what it was not me who rescued this time but I was there to support him for a cause 🙂



I checked today’s prompt and it was still showing Daring do. I started writing part 2 since I wrote part 1 yesterday. By the time I finished writing and linked it to publish the prompt was changed. So that’s all from me till I write a new one.



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  1. Great story, Rashmik! I love your writing.
    Oh, the fiction chain is an awesome idea. I don’t know I can match any of the story, writing… I’ll try to promote it before I embark this wonderful endeavor. 🙂

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