Nature in Squares

Being close to nature never goes out of fashion. So profound is the effect that we forget about all our worries and baggage we carry throughout our lives. Isn’t that instant connection with some spiritual force suddenly makes you conscious of your inner self? Fortunate are those who get a chance to enjoy nature’s lullaby. Capturing nature is definitely all the more therapeutic in many ways. My today’s post gives you a glimpse of nature’s treasures.

Well, I am playing today for Becky’s squares and why not? It is always good to do something new, you haven’t tried before. I was so motivated by the squirrels, birds, skies and flowers that I wanted to jump in right there right now. Hope these squares add some colours in your life and give joy to your soul.

All the above squares were discovered at different places while I was a wandering soul on wheels. That’s the best way to live life. Explore and capture beauty all around. Loved sharing it with you all. Looking at this vast landscape I wonder at times that all the chaos, disorder and disturbance exists only in man made world. Our attachments, relations, desires and longings make us so complicated that we start a fracas with others, sometimes with ourselves too. Ego clashes, depression, sense of failure creeps in when we somehow are not able to achieve our goals.

So you see the best way to end the inner fracas is to move towards nature, the spiritual power which drives this universe. The sun, the moon, the stars, the seasons all are away from this disorder. Everyone coexists without making others miserable. Make no noise.

So the take away is to love and learn from nature – LIVE AND LET LIVE ( Free your soul from all fracas)



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      1. Do hope you’ll join us again 🙂 the first gallery will be out on Thursday and so you’ll definitely be in that

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