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Daily Prompt: Uncanned Laughter

A misused word, a misremembered song lyric, a cream pie that just happened to be there: tell us about a time you (or someone else) said or did something unintentionally funny.

It’s high time I must board a plane to catch up with my sisters…… and are you wondering why ?
It has been ages three of us have sat together with friends, cousins or sometimes aunts, my mom laying out some really amazing food, my father observing the pulse of the house and enjoying our crazy talks in between.

My younger sister, a born comedian surprises us every time with her latest mimicries of anybody on the earth. All we witness is people rolling with laughter with teary eyes and begging for mercy to let her take a break for a while….. In the meantime they also like to relax the pained jaws due to uninterrupted flow of laughter for the next session. Hope to revive all the jaw breaking exercise soon.

At home my both the sons give us the daily doses of laughter – day in and day out. They have natural streak of turning any event or situation into a funny episode.

One fine day while going to school I told them to inform the cook, “Chotu” (nicknamed by kids) to buy tomato puree from the market. In the afternoon I found them giggling all the way having tears in their eyes. They were laughing aloud, unable to narrate the reasons for such a spell of uncontrollable laughter, I preferred to ask “Chotu” himself. As soon as I saw a big packet of hot poories ( wheat dough rolls flattened into thin rounds and deep fried ) on the dining table, I went into a soft chuckle. Poor Chotu misunderstood “puree” with “poorie “. My younger son must have conveyed the instructions to Chotu in his rural dialect and outcome of this unintentional gaffe  was a lunch of poories. ……

Chotu was embarrassed yet happy to see us relishing the feast !!!! All in all we had a tummy full of yummy grub……
Instead of spoiling the atmosphere I chose to laugh it out with my sons which was so refreshing for our souls and spirits !!!!   Do you laugh it off…..often?


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  1. I like the idea of your sisters joking and the one who is a comedian, too! I also laughed at the misunderstanding about ‘puree’ and poorie! They sounded yummy, like you said, the kids were laughing about the mishap. Fun post and we all need laughter in our lives! Thanks for giving me smiles.

  2. Great reading which took me to flashback of moments happened in our early family life spent with little daughters. Your writing made me laughing once while reading and then again while explaining
    to your mom. Carry on.

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