World is opening slowly but surely to travel, food and entertainment. When I finally hit the road like a wanderer almost after two years, my soul feel liberated, my eyes refused to blink, not to miss the beautiful view and my body felt so light as if some kind of heavy weight was released from my shoulders, it was like I was once again open to freedom. Free to fly, to run and capture the beauty. A sort of belongingness to this planet as a human was slowly creeping inside.

Though people had already headed out in droves to hit the roads, climb the mountains, touch the sky after a year long lockdown. Travel was happening in some parts of the world after the second wave however I had no such urgency to take up any adventure at the cost of my life.

The cases were far less and we both, now fully vaccinated were traveling in our own car nevertheless the risk was still ours as a couple therefore we took all the necessary precautions. You never know about the virus with so much uncertainty around third wave.

It was painful for us when deadly virus hit the inner circle of our family, lost my near and dear ones in the second wave of pandemic. Since then I have started thinking about life, being so fragile, all the more. We have to be always conscious of every single breath we take. Isn’t this body and life are his gifts too ?

It was time to pay gratitude to Almighty to make me travel again, cross the state borders, roam around the world. I was elated to be alive to continue with the journey called life. The worst seemed to be over while I was inhaled the fresh air under the open sky.

Open sky

My happiness knew no bounds to see hotels, tourists spots and restaurants open to welcome visitors, Covid protocols were maintained in most of the places but few visitors were taking things for granted of course.

One can travel safely by avoiding crowded places, skipping popular tourist spots, staying away from the main city and adhering to social distancing and most importantly wearing a mask.

Here are some pics from my recent trip. For World Tourism Day 2021

Bars are open here but safety first, don’t miss the caption on the cushion
On the wheels, admiring the open fields. Ah, after so long !
view from the open window of my hotel room



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