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The moment I came to know Secunderabad was going to be our new hometown for the next two years, Hyderabadi Biryani was the first thing which came to my mind…. aromatic & world famous dish of South India. Those who don’t know where Secunderabad is, let me tell you. It is popularly known as twin city of Hyderabad. Located in the Indian state of Telangana. Named after Sikandar Jah, the third Nizam of the Asaf Jahi dynasty, Secunderabad was founded in 1806 as a British cantonment. You can search Google for more. 

So now from Western India we have moved towards Southern part of the country. The exotic aroma of Idli sambhar, Dosa and Nizam food especially ‘biryani’is simply irresistible. The sated thoughts will  come and pour till you don’t indulge yourself in delicacy of rice. The moment we landed in Secunderabad we hit to the biryani joint to sate our hunger and what else could be a better choice than world famous Paradise hotel and a Roof Top restaurant to have it. A Legend since 1953 ! 

Biryani, a dish of Indian origin, more prominently considered to be dish of Nizam (Ruler of the state of Deccan). Though we have Lucknowi Biryani also which has more of Awadhi taste but in terms of spices this one wins hands down. 

South India has more varieties of biryani than any other part of the subcontinent. Moreover rice is more a staple food in South India than any other state.Hyderabadi biryani is a blend of Mughlai and Iranian cuisine, originated in the kitchens of the Nizam, rulers of the historic Hyderabad State.  Hyderabadi Biryani is also a integral part of Pakistani Cuisine due to its exotic flavor and aromatic taste.

So next time while you visit this part of the world you know where you can have stomach sated fully filled! 



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  1. Stop, stop, stop: Here I am in Switzerland being glad to get a decent chicken and you are talking of biryanis and all the additions. In my “eating Indian” days, I remember the biryani as being something that was cooked together with rice, with delicious flavours and spices – my rice is just plain, although I dress it up now and again with saffran. I loved the descriptions of your dishes, I could almost taste them from Switzerland.
    By the way wonderful photo of you and the family and I am on my way, although it might take a few years until I get there. Is that a paratha on the dish next to your plat? I love paratha.

    1. Yes, you guessed it right! That is tandoori paratha. Since I am a vegetarian & not so fortunate in this case to taste that authentic yummy biryani therefore ordered Kadahi paneer and tandoori lacha paratha along with herbal curd. Glad you liked the description. My sons told me that it tasted heaven.

  2. Wow, long time no see… Welcome back! So glad to see your family, especial your two boys. 🙂 Do they still watch NBA? 🙂

  3. Its been years since I have had the opportunity to eat Paradise Biryani. I am salivating already! If you like Hyderabadi food, I would recommend eating Haleem near the old city, it is as iconic as Paradise Biryani and I love it!

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