How hard it can get? We all are staring at collapsing economy, loss of jobs and uncertainty of future looms large over humankind. The lockdown will end slowly, no doubt about it. The government has done what it was required to do regarding Covid 19, social distancing, hand sanitization, non-contact temperature etc. 

We’ve experienced the trauma people face when someone gets sick in their neighbourhood, remember the news of Doctors not being allowed to enter their residential premises.Now those who are sensible, understand the protocols and follow it in letter and spirit.

The government cannot and will not guard you 24 hours, 365 days.
The future of your family, friends and acquaintances is in your hands, not to mention those unsuspecting people we meet while buying essential commodities.
After the lockdown opens, think carefully, leave the house and go to work and do your work as per the rules.

Do you think, after a certain date the Corona will suddenly disappear and we will start living like before? No, not at all. Be prepared for the new normal because our lives have been deeply impacted by the scars of trials and tribulations left behind by Covid 19.

This virus has been gaining strength in the world and we have to learn to live with it, at least for couple of years.
How long will the government keep the lockdown?  How long will the movement be banned?

Not forever, the life must go on and so does the livelihood of people affected by this pandemic.We’ve to fight this virus ourselves, by changing our lifestyle, by strengthening our immunity.
We have to adapt a life style probably which was followed by our ancestors.

We’ll be gravitating towards organic, nutritious plant based diets as mentioned in our scriptures, distancing from junk food and supplementary dietary products. 

Most importantly we’ve to free ourselves from the clutches of dependency on antibiotics.

We have to look after the young ones at home and instill values and love for humanity in them.The lifestyle changes will be far too many but there is no option left – it’s a classical case of Prepare or Perish. The next couple of months are critical for human survival and resurgence of human spirit is inevitable – better late than never.

Let’s accept this stark reality and start implementing required changes.
Life is your decision – Make most of it !



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