So Sorry For The Mess….

If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?

Last week was crazy ! We were driving from morning till evening for two days to reach Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh state , reached safely, did back to back jungle safaris for two days, enjoyed green holidays  in Balaghat hills and drove down all the way back to reach home yesterday.

The moment I saw this prompt, I knew that it has to be our faithful black SUV car, we spent most of the time inside the car for last five days.  When we left for the forests, It was already over stocked with clothes, jackets, shoes, camera, laptop, chargers, munchies, juices and books along with a huge ice box stuffed with beverages and water for the journey, got messier and messier as the days passed by. By the time we reached home things were piled up everywhere. Dirty shoes, soiled clothes, the saplings collected from the gardener of the jungle lodge, local fruits available there, empty juice tins and mineral water bottles which we consumed during the journey and kept in the carton to throw in the proper dustbin, unfortunately could not find one on our side of the highway.

I think I owe an apology for the dirty seats and dusty floor.


After all when you have to drive for eight hours a day, you will eat, munch, drink, sneeze, yawn, sleep, play, listen to music and  you bring in some more dirt everytime you get down to click a photo of the landscape or a bullock cart, a tribal woman carrying a pot of water on her head, a rare species of bird which you generally don’t find in your town or simply for a nature call. 


How many times can you vacuum-clean your car? You know it is just a matter of one hour,  the dust will again settle on seats and dashboard, moreover I want to enjoy the drive and don’t want clean car anxiety to give me terrible migraine. Though I keep on telling my kids to fold the towels after use, keeping the story books back in the bag when not reading, put empty chips packet in the food basket, pack scarves and gloves back in the suitcase when not in use rather than throwing on the seats. Do they really listen?

 Today was the day to pamper my poor car which remained faithful to us, did not give us any trouble through out the journey. My husband and my younger son did the honors, the car is sparkling clean and we are ready for yet another drive !!!

The daily prompt: Wronged objects



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  1. Haha!! you do owe your car a real apology then 😛 Miss you here in the blogosphere… Happy to see you back…am sure you are loaded with a lot of excting tales and pictures of the sojourn…please to share…waiting eagerly

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