State of the Year: I WISH……

Life itself is a big challenge. Do we need more? To deal with it and emerged out as a winner is an achievement.

Well, as far as the state of my year is concerned, this year is definitely not shaping up as one of my special years though the other half is still remaining. This year has given me a feel of getting old. It is scary !

On fitness scale not a great year so far. I have put on weight and not feeling good about it.

On professional front nothing great is happening, I’m doing routine things.

On personal front so far it has been a normal year with lots of commitments and engagements.

Challenges have been taken care of. Achievements were celebrated with family and friends.

One good thing that I’m traveling frequently but then blogging becomes a challenge

I want to read and write more, travel more and capture more. I wish to do all these things at the same time 🙂

Not my kind of year I can say. I’m hoping to get some quality time and to be more organized.

Hope to have fun, surprises, peace and a super fit body towards the end of this year.

So many years have gone……this shall too pass……..I pray to Almighty to make it a sweet memory.




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  1. I am happy to have a another year, you never know what it around the corner. At my age I take things as they come and do not think about it was a good week/month or not. Am currently involved in wedding thoughts for No. 2 son, Mr. Swiss recovery from operation and what shall I blog about today.

    1. That’s great ! Weddings are very big and gala affair in India. Shoppings starts months before and so many things to tie up for various ceremonies. My good wishes to you and your family.

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