Struggle for survival: Miracles or Signals?

Avalanche at Mt. Everest…….

Earthquake at Himalayas……

Nepal quake claimed 2500 lives till now…….

Situation getting worse due to heavy rains, can trigger landslides……

Katmandu Airport shut again…..

68 killed and 259 injured due to the earthquake in India…..


The ancient temple in Pashupatinath( Lord Shiva) survives this earthquake and is intact. Thousands of people have taken shelter there.

Pashupatinath Temple, Nepal
Pashupatinath Temple, Nepal

This incident reminds me of Uttarakhand when the cloudburst  occurred in June 2013, caused devastating rains resulted in large flash floods and massive landslides. Breaking news…..

Kedarnath Shrine survives flashfloods.The shrine of Shiva, visited by Hindu pilgrims from across the world, however, was only partly damaged amid the death and destruction flash floods, cloudbursts and landslides caused in various parts of Uttarakhand.

Kedarnath shrine, Uttarakhand, India

This picture was shown for many weeks after the Uttarakhand disaster took place. Everything was washed away except this  huge bronze statue of Lord Shiva.

Floods in Ganga river in Rishikesh, India
Floods in Ganga river in Rishikesh, India

Firstly Kedarnath temple and now Pashupatinath…….. Cannot be a coincidence.

You can say it happened because of the unique architectural ways of that era but all T.V. channels are declaring it as a miracle.

 What does God want to convey? Are we ignoring the hints sending by nature?

Yesterday I saw a video shared by Amy about how we have to be blamed for this destruction all over. We are hurting the earth, the environment and the mother nature.

We as humans have to understand that we have failed on various issues. We have become selfish, self obsessed, insensitive and greedy individuals. We have stopped good deeds, did not follow the path shown by God, rejected his existence, ignored Bible and Ramayana, made fun of the teachings written in holy books and worst of it, polluted our religions and beliefs.

Faiths were shattered, new Gods were declared. Spiritual Gurus misled people. Materialism took over. Charity and humanity were slowly replaced by social diseases.

Results are here to see. Old institutions, ancient temples survives all natural disasters where the so called seismic shielded buildings are washed away within minutes.

Therefore the old barter system needs to be re established. I grow wheat for you, you weave cloth for me. I will grow flowers, you grow fruits. I will rear goats, they will give me wool. I will raise cattle and they will plough my fields. I will have a farm so the whole family works and at the end of the day we have harvest to exchange with things we need. 

Let’s pray for the people who are trapped and waiting eagerly for the relief. Let’s pray for the orphans, for the widows, for the unfortunate and homeless. I want to give them love in exchange of their sorrows and pain. This is a struggle of humanity together we work towards the success….Amen! 



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  1. The planet is pretty angry right now, deforestation and mining beyond what we should be even allowed to grab, But the best in humanity often shines in moments like these too does it not? 🙂

      1. It’s a heartfelt sight every time, I was watching the news earlier about the chain of events, First the volcano down in Chile, Followed by our 6.1 earthquake here in BC then to Nepal and everything in between, Really got me thinking about a great many things :O

      2. I just pray that something worse and more devastating is not going to happen. Avalanche at Mt. Everest is not a good sign. There is a big shift taking place in a major tectonic plate.

  2. It is the most terrifying thing when the earth moves. It is why I cannot imagine living in an earthquake zone, although there are old earthquake faults just about everywhere, even here. They are just very old and have not moved in many centuries. We wrap ourselves in modern technology, but in the end, when Mother Earth shakes herself, we are helpless and are left with hope and prayers. Mine are with you and your family and all the others. So far, it could have been worse. Let us hope it stays that way.

  3. thank you for reminding us of where our focus is best.. but we cannot take full blame for the destructive weather.. powerful weather geoengineering is taking place globally… google and find it for yourself.. your vision is lovely.. I like barter too.

    1. I have spoken for the human race not only for certain group of people, country or religion. I will definitely check your suggestion. Thanks for presenting your views. Much appreciated.

  4. Knowing someone online that lived for some time in Katmandu with his Nepalese wife and various family members I was very much iinterested in what happened. it was just a couple of weeks ago that he relocated to europe with the family members, but some relatives still live in Katmandu and the area. He was a day without news until it gradually seeped through that the relations were OK and very lucky. some property was destroyed, but it seems his home is still standing. through this person I seemed to get to know the people in Nepal and their lives, which are very much similar to ours, just that perhaps daily stuff like hot water and electricity does not function as well as in our part of the world, but they live their lives with a magnificent background. It all seems so hopeless to help. villages are cut off, hospital help is almost non-existent. Switzerland sent a team yesterday but they said it was for immediate help. there is absolutely no point in sending the rescue dogs or other such things until there is some organisation. My heart goes out to the Nepaese.

    1. I can understand the concern. All I can say is lucky and your friends to have you who is so nice from heart. God will help the victims and I pray for peace and prosperity in Nepal.

  5. HE is the ultimate destroyer. Whether we like or not , HE is going to destroy everything at some point. The only thing we can do & we should do is enjoy “this” moment. Har Har Mahadev !!!

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