Reflection on Love and Relationship


I reflect on divine relationships in the tapestry of life.  It all starts when two souls intertwine.  Feeling a spark, skipping a beat, two hearts entwined Walking ahead in the journey of love and affection That’s all about soaking in a mutual connection A surge of emotions, basking in the warm embrace  Lost in a […]

Be the mindful owner of soul power

Be the mindful owner of soul power

Each of us possesses a power so pure, A light that illuminates a spirit so sure, This power of the soul is the fire beneath the skin, that fuels our existence when life seems shaky, too thin. With every step forward, it grows, an energy so strong, it overflows, This force guides us through and […]

12 things that define You AS a Strong Soul


At some level, we all aspire to be strong souls with a purpose and a mission, but only those can be called the strongest who have developed or in the process of developing these ten powerful habits:

What is the difference between Soul and Spirit? | Soul Vs Spirit

What is the difference between Soul and Spirit? | Soul Vs Spirit

What are soul and spirit? Many times this question is asked during discussions about soul and spirit. I found people getting confused while seeking a connection between the two terms. They can speak about it separately however cannot differentiate clearly in the same context.  While it is not at all complicated to understand the relation […]

Why Autumn is so Inspirational

    Brown signifies old, about to die      Green stand for youthful life      Hanging from the tree, the leaf will die anytime    Still, the tree is holding it with pride    Not throwing, not ignoring, and side     Even after it drops down as dead, the earth embraces it      Let it rest […]

Lens-Artists Challenge #174 Shapes and Designs

Hello friends, Another week and another exciting theme! For this week’s photo challenge, Patti asks us to take a closer look at shapes and designs. Rightly said, Once you start noticing them, you’ll find them in many places in nature, in works of art, in food, in architecture“ to name a few. Here are some […]

RDP Sunday-Scruple Guides Our Soul

Every woman wants to live with dignity. Her own innate scruple makes her fight for her rights for freedom in society. The nation who throws the woman to devoid her scruples to earn herself a bread, pay the heavy price in coming years. Joining RDP Sunday.

Weekend Sky and Long Drives

Enjoy the weekend sky and if possible make it the most by going for long drives. I wait so eagerly for Sunday to hit the roads. Have a wonderful weekend all! @rashmikshyp All content is my sole property. In response to Hammid’s Weekend Sky #48