Why Autumn is so Inspirational

    Brown signifies old, about to die

     Green stand for youthful life

     Hanging from the tree, the leaf will die anytime

   Still, the tree is holding it with pride

   Not throwing, not ignoring, and side

    Even after it drops down as dead, the earth embraces it

     Let it rest on the ground to absorb by the soil

     It will be then humus, provide strength to the roots

     Why can’t we humans be kind and good to old?

      How can they be left to die once they are sick and weak?

      They love to stay with bubbly young members of the family

      And die peacefully while eating, gossiping, laugh and smile

      Not leaving them alone during their last stage of life

Making it comfortable and peaceful, is what we should try

     Believe me, their soul will become your guardian angel

Your divine shield, protect you from bad and evil

Kindly respect old and acknowledge their worth,

Brown is not dead, this transition is a must.



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  • Andrew Stanley
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