Enjoy Folk Song of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, a colorful state of India has a diverse collection of musician castes, including langas, sapera, bhopa and jogi. The region’s music shares similarities both with nearby areas of India and the other side of the border, in the Pakistani province of Sindh.

The people of Rajasthan live life to the hilt. After working day and night  in the harsh desert sun and the rocky terrain whenever they finally come home to relax they let themselves go in gay abandon. There is dancing, singing, drama, devotional music and puppet shows and other community festivities which transform the laborious Rajasthani into a fun-loving and carefree individual.DSC_4077.JPG

Each region has its own folk entertainment, the dance styles differ as do the songs. Interestingly enough, even the musical instruments which are simple but quite unusual and handcrafted by the musicians themselves. Some of them are the Morchang, Naad, Sarangi, Kamayacha, Rawanhattha etc. There are dozens of other instruments which are unique and exclusive to Rajasthan only.

The music includes typical folk songs which are being sung by every household. The musicians, dancers and singers are invited to heritage hotels for performances organised for tourists staying there. Indian as well as overseas tourists can be seen dancing and singing along with them at Umaid Bhawan, Taj Palace and other tourist spots.DSC_4428.JPG

I met this family during my recent trip to one of the forts in Jodhpur. The entire family was singing a famous folk on tourist’s demand. I quickly took out my phone to record this melodious song. sharing with you all. Enjoy and sing along if you happen to belong to this amazing land of music and dance.

Sorry my video is not being uploaded. I am not able to compress it. I made 22 seconds video on iPhone 6 and it is of 50 MB and is taking ages to upload. Tried compressing but it was still 48 MB. Andy and other bloggers keep on uploading their personal videos, may be they can help me in this case. I will be sharing it soon.






I missed the prompt yesterday so I decided to read other responses rather than writing a late response. After reading few of my blogger friends’ responses I realized that how hard it is to spot those old bricks around us. This motivated me to grab my camera and click a picture of bricks. Really it wasn’t that easy to find bricks near or around my home. Then I decided to move further and reached the sport complex. Yes, this was what I wanted and the brick walkway was right in front of me. I frequently come here for gym and other recreational activities. Here is the picture of the place that I frequent every morning which is synonymous with Health, Recreation and Rejuvenation.



I blog I belong I will play the music life long

Meeting friends, listening to their songs

Murmurs of joys, pains and wrongs

A story to read, an anxious reader longs

About clouds, trees, hills and fog

Lush green meadows and trimmed lawns

Sweet melodies of people who belong

This is a beautiful world to prolong

I blog I belong I play the music all along ! 


Today I will take you through an interesting pathway which goes up till beautiful Jakhu hills, Shimla and you won’t have any scars of tiredness after climbing it with me. So here we go !!!

 Shimla offers some of the most fascinating treks and the town can be easily called “The Trekkers Paradise”. We both as a couple did early morning treks on all three days during our stay in Shimla, making the most of our trip. We were missing this activity in Aurangabad as it was extremely hot there.DSC_3534

Jakhu, the most famous temple, situated on the top of Jakhu hills at an altitude of 2455m above the sea level, is a steep 30-minute uphill climb from the east end of the Ridge, It is one of the most refreshing and strenuous hike I had done in last six months. The trek serves two purposes: you can check your physical fitness by calculating how much time you take in completing it as well as it has spiritual flavor as you visit the temple also. The sound of bells and chanting of shlokas fills you with peace and tranquility at that height.DSC_3543

The temple is dedicated to the monkey god Hanuman. O yes, you guessed it right !  Hundreds of  monkeys loiter around, looking for prasad packets in devotees hands(temple-blessed food offerings), never leave an opportunity to snatch anything be it  glasses,binoculars,caps,meal packets etc. leaving harassed devotees, tourists stunned and helpless.DSC_3525

Outside the temple premises 108 feet world tallest, orange statue of Hanuman looms above the treetops and watches Shimla day and night like a protector of the city. The  illuminating statue looks amazing at night.DSC_3516

This trek was around two and a half kilometers but very steep and exhausting one. The view was fantastic. The smell of pine was refreshing and the green forest was a soothing scene for eyes. Lord was much closer to us now.DSC_3537

Thankfully we were just eighty meters away and had to take few more steps to reach at the destination on top. The stairway was about to finish.IMG_0594
Finally we did this trek in record 30 minutes, Tarun literally dragged me enroute whenever I was tempted to relax on a bench, being totally out of breath. Actually he does everything as if he is on his army mission,phew !DSC_3574

You can see the parking lot for those who prefer driving over walking on foot.They come up till the temple entrance without huffing and puffing but cannot enjoy the way trekkers do.IMG_0595

On the way up to the temple, one comes across the gates of Rothney Castle , built for colonial reformer and naturalist Allan Octavian Hume, the founder of Indian national Congress party, He gathered the world’s largest collection of stuffed Asiatic birds here, later he donated it to the British Museum.

Word of caution: the monkeys on this route can be a menace, so walking stick would be the best thing to carry along to drive them away. Enjoy the full snap shot of Lord.DSC_3550

We both were spellbound by the fabulous view at the top, felt rejuvenated, happy and believe me there were no scars of fatigue on our faces. We kept on clicking pictures to cherish beautiful memories later on !

No dissapointment

Who says boys can’t cook as efficiently    as girls? My son tried cheese burst pizza with lots of cheese and chicken salami toppings and it was so delicious ! He made the dough on his own, prepared his own base sauce and loaded it with herbs. It was a big hit and we were so excited to see him cooking.  No disappointment for not having a daughter as my sons do everything what a daughter can do in the kitchen. 



I love early morning drives especially when the roads, trees and valleys are covered with fog. At times when there is thick fog you can only see as far as your headlights but you can drive for miles that way, even reach your destination too.

I always look for the opportunity to see how the first rays of sun removes the fog and everything looks so fresh and crystal clear in the same manner the light of knowledge removes darkness.

That’s the best time to enjoy the long drives. No traffic, no long queues on toll gates and no need to switch on AC of the car since you can just roll down the window panes to enjoy the cool morning breeze blowing.

One needs to be careful and alert while driving on hills but at the same time it is one of the thrilling experience to climb curvaceous roads in foggy weather.

Make sure that you don’t mistaken fog with smog. Fog and smog should not be confused as they both are separate in colour.images-15

images-15Excess of everything is bad, same is the case with fog. You want sunlight at the end of a romantic day. The warmth of sun rays is like a boon for human beings.

So pack your bags and enjoy foggy drives folks 🙂

Catching Lost Breath

IMG_0729After climbing so many stairs, I had to catch my breath ! This was early in the morning while I went for the weekly trek and couldn’t climb further without a short break. Huffing and puffing, I needed to drink water and of course it was time to click few pictures. I was having my i phone to do the honors. 

This is a plateau with steep climb. As I started climbing I saw erected Buddha statues on both the sides of the stairs. They were made of metal, cement, fibre and were different in texture and shape from each other.IMG_0742.JPGIt was so hot early in the morning and frankly speaking not a very conducive weather for trekking but since Tarun had found this route so couldn’t say no. We both went early in the morning and quickly climbed so that we could come back before sunrise. I was not able to match the pace with Tarun, was breathing heavily, sweating and finally sat down on a bench to catch my breath….refused to move till I felt okay. Poor him….he had no other option except sitting next to me and wait for my approval to start again.

Now a days I go out of breath so soon as I start running on my tread mill. May be age is catching up and I am losing on my stamina. I have to do something about it but what?…….

Would like to hear from you folks. How do manage to stay active? I’m finding difficult with each passing year.