I’m having my ups & down, but I’m not giving up When I think of giving up, I’m reminded of nothing comes easy When my life becomes difficult, I thank God for small balmy mercies Difficult times make me alive My desire to bounce back from every adversity As I see the life pass by […]


A person keeps on looking for a dream holiday Keeps working day and night, to save for exotic stay Hardly realizes that there’s no perfect holiday There’s no point waiting and plan in a grand way You can be workaholic, stoic on all week days Have a ball on weekends, soul drenched in adventure spray […]


Where else can you find the true flavor of art and craft other than the annual art fairs? I keep an eye on the art festivals happening in and around my neighbourhood so that I can make myself enlightened with the sheer talent and spirit of the artists belong to native place. They really put […]

Nature in Squares

Being close to nature never goes out of fashion. So profound is the effect that we forget about all our worries and baggage we carry throughout our lives. Isn’t that instant connection with some spiritual force suddenly makes you conscious of your inner self? Fortunate are those who get a chance to enjoy nature’s lullaby. […]

Yearning To Live Again

There is an ecstasy about doing something goodIt’s palpable yet the harsh reality brings out the absurditiesTrying to indulge in worldly insinuations of materialismWhat you love most is your true heritage and splendourTo make living an art Those were the days, episode of creativity, I yearn to live again, I lost myself while searching for […]

Noises Within My Mind

Life would’ve never be this cryptic If people remain truthful to themselves The mystery around them makes every relation so doubtful The complications now seem insuperable The only respite is detachment from worldly pleasures Finding my soul will give me clear picture

Enjoy Folk Song of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, a colorful state of India has a diverse collection of musician castes, including langas, sapera, bhopa and jogi. The region’s music shares similarities both with nearby areas of India and the other side of the border, in the Pakistani province of Sindh. The people of Rajasthan live life to the hilt. After working day and night […]


I missed the prompt yesterday so I decided to read other responses rather than writing a late response. After reading few of my blogger friends’ responses I realized that how hard it is to spot those old bricks around us. This motivated me to grab my camera and click a picture of bricks. Really it […]


I blog I belong I will play the music life long Meeting friends, listening to their songs Murmurs of joys, pains and wrongs A story to read, an anxious reader longs About clouds, trees, hills and fog Lush green meadows and trimmed lawns Sweet melodies of people who belong This is a beautiful world to […]


Today I will take you through an interesting pathway which goes up till beautiful Jakhu hills, Shimla and you won’t have any scars of tiredness after climbing it with me. So here we go !!!  Shimla offers some of the most fascinating treks and the town can be easily called “The Trekkers Paradise”. We both as a […]