The Happy Wanderer: Moving on the roads

I am a happy wanderer move on roads, miles I travel to explore the unexplored, enjoy the touch of nature, planned or unplanned, sun or sand, hills or deserts, I have to move on roads.

There are roads which take me away from civilization. I see the mountains, the lakes, the forests, the valleys while traveling on shore.

The curvaceous path follow my quest to explore, or I follow these serpent ways, eager to find more;


There are the roads which take me away from urbanization. I meet the tribals, the farmers, the fields, the villagers while traveling on roads.

The muddy path follow my excitement to see more, or I follow these rural ways, eager to find more;


Roads connect us with past, tell us about the glorious days , When our ancestors created magnificent artistic world.

Roads connect us with the world which has been turned into history and monumental treasure.

An ancient fort which has been abandon for decades.
An ancient fort which has been abandon for decades.

Roads take me to the path of salvation, huge temples, magnificent monasteries and ancient churches it bring.

Roads invite me, tempt me to take a journey worth relishing, I feel like a wanderer soul seeking bliss in traveling.

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At times when there is no road I float in water, to reach an island, but I have to move on !

My husband and my camera are my faithful companions, they are by my side with new dawn.


Mandavi Beach
Mandavi Beach

This post is also In response to Serendipitous photo prompt which runs every wednesday. You can too participate in the fun. Click on the link and know more.



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    1. Thank you Andy. Frankly speaking I was reminded of you the moment I saw the prompt. Who else can reply this one in a better way than our very own wandering poet.? 😉

  1. You have the most amazing … what to call it? I don’t even have a word. It’s not just scenery. The temples, the winding mountain roads. Just extraordinary. It’s like living in a time tunnel, where every turn in the road brings you to history and mystery.

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