180 degrees turn to visit an old house

DSC_9397 It was a special day ! A day rarely happens in our lives.

I got a chance to visit an old house of ours where my children spent their childhood. Being an army wife I must have stayed in more than twenty houses by now but I seldom got a chance to visit a house where we had stayed previously. Good memories of those houses are still fresh in my mind, revived time to time through photos.

Last month we drove down to a city, we were posted 14 years ago, to attend a get together of my husband’s course mates. We stayed there for two days. Third day we were supposed to visit our old neighborhood. I got ready wondering how the house would be looking after so many years,  In the meantime Tarun came announcing that we had to leave urgently for home as his  old pal was visiting us in the evening so we had to reach home soon. We were driving back within no time.

I was sad for not able to show my children an old bungalow constructed in 1940, during British era. That was before Independence of our country. British officers stayed in that house for few years. DSC_9399 We were little disappointed. Suddenly my husband took 180 degree turn and headed towards the location of our old house. It was such a pleasant surprise. Generally he doesn’t postpone his meetings like this but that day he reversed his decision for us. I asked,” If we get late then?” He replied,” He can always enjoy a drink from my bar till we reach. I have informed the buddy.”

Within minutes we were in front of the house. I was overwhelmed. I took out my camera and clicked few pictures.DSC_9391 The officer staying there saw me getting down from the car with camera and got inquisitive. I approached towards the gate. He came out to know the reason of us being there. Tarun introduced and shook hands with him. The gentleman was looking comfortable now and offered us a cup of tea. We met his wife and son. My children walked around the bungalow to revive the old memories. DSC_9398 All in all a memorable day for the family to cherish some moments of past. I thanked Tarun for this beautiful 180 degrees turn.



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  1. The home looks to be in such great shape considering how long ago it was built, Beautiful! I can only imagine the officer’s face though 😀

    1. He misunderstood us as thieves who were spying around the house. lolz I m back from Delhi today evening and managed to write few words. Was searching for your blog on the grid but you found me first as usual. Loved reading your comment Andy 😉

  2. It really IS a beautiful house.

    I’ve been thought a suspicious character because I was taking pictures of something near a house, like flowers or a tree. Everyone seems to think everyone else is “out to get them” or steal their stuff. Given the obvious age of Garry and I, and there YOU were with children, I should think it would be obvious we weren’t planning a heist.

    1. That was understable, thankfully chances of stealing & theft are comparitively less in cantt area. The colony looks likes forest itself. Beautiful surroundings.

  3. It is such a beautiful house…I am sure you had a lot of wonderful memories attached to it… It must have been a nostalgic experience indeed…..

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