UNESCO Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

A UNESCO World Heritage site is full of joy

Lovingly it is known as Darjeeling’s ‘Train toy’

Tourists from all over the world enjoy the ride

It moves at a slow pace, turns, track not wide

No modern fancy amenities, it is a hill town pride

Engulfed in clouds, take you away from crazy madness

Singing and dancing all along, cross caves, streams, bridges

A journey in the hills, a trip worth taking, full of freshness

Do enjoy this while in Darjeeling, often called ‘Queen of mountains’

Located in picturesque West Bengal, India, part of Himalayan ranges

Undoubtedly the toy train is a soul thrilling experience for nature lovers

In response to CMMC: October Alphabet must Q or U in the word



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  1. And so many interesting places are there and interesting things to know in India, rarely we acknowledge them, but love to hop to other countries.
    Earlier I was immature and now I have become wiser and try to cover India as much as possible ( after Covid)
    Thanks for the post about Darjiling

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