VIVID COLORS ( Weekly Photo Challenge)

The Gulmohar tree presents a vivid picture of bright red orange colors in summers. It looks stunning, there are hardly any leaves on the branches since it is all covered with deep orangish red blossoms.

The butterfly sits comfortably on a bright red flower looks so vivid in nature. Isn’t it so?

You guessed it right ! Vivid is the topic of this week’s photo challenge.

vivid soul n spirit blog

Gulmohar tree in full bloom
Gulmohar tree in full bloom
vivid colors of nature
vivid colors of nature
Gulmohar if full bloom
Gulmohar if full bloom

The purple carpet was spread all over the valley en route to Bomdila, a beautiful small town in Tenga.




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  1. Looks like you have the same trees and vines I have in my yard. Your Gulmohar looks like my flamboyan or Royal Poinciana–also called Tabachine in its smaller variety. I see bougainvillea and zinnias as well. Beautiful.

    1. I just realized I missed this comment in my notifications. Better late than never. Thanks Judy and yes these are similar to your Royal Poinciana. I saw your it in your post and loved the blooms.

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