Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

 This week I am sharing millions of twinkles in the waves of a body of water as the sun rise’s first rays appear.

This is the  view of Umngot river from Dawki Bridge.Dawki is a well known town near Jantia Hills in Meghalaya, located on the border of Indo-Bangladesh Border.

It is one of the few road borders crossing between India and Bangladesh. This is the gateway to Bangladesh where major export and import transactions take place. I enjoyed the splendid journey of 95 kms. from Shillong to Dawki, reached this lonely planet and took this photograph from a suspension bridge over this river. 


The calmly flowing river covers a distance of 82 Km and irrigates around 800 Sq km of farmland. At the final lap of its journey it enters into the plains of Bangladesh. The river is also famous as Dawki River, I loved the greenish-bluish shades of water which is so clear that one can get the clear view of the bottom of the river even from a distance, due to its transparency, the shadows of the boats fall on the bottom of the river, which makes the viewer feel that boats are floating in the air. The scene itself is so mesmerizing that one feels like watching the river and around it till eternity. 


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    1. Such a pleasure to hear from you Andy ! The daily post has actually spoiled the momentum of meeting and reading each other’s posts. Hope they must fix the pingbacks 🙂

  1. This is really pretty. I’m yet to visit that part of the world as it conceals many treasures my adventurous side would love to discover.

    BTW I love your blog banner! 🙂

    1. Thank you so mush for the kind words. I am so glad, liked the pictures. Keep visiting for more. You can also trawl in my archives for some real adventure. The travel section contains some amazing live root bridges of Meghalaya 🙂

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