Trees in Natural Black and White

For this week’s Cee’s Black & White Challenge the topic is Trees.

I was waiting for this topic ! It feels good when you get an opportunity to share those pics which remain in archives for some reasons. This set of pictures are one of them I took at one of the misty mornings while we were travelling through western ghats to reach Gujrat.

It was a cold, misty day though we were comfortable in our car with heater on. We had left at the crack of dawn, though the view was beautiful but the valley was bleak, nothing was visible except the trees along with the highway railing. I took pictures and was amazed to see the absence of green and blue color. They were naturally black and white to look at.

Bare branches in Fall
Bare branches in Fall
Bleak light and mist effect
Bleak light and mist effect
White mist black trees: a nature's contrast
White mist black trees: a nature’s contrast
 colors can be seen only on railing.
colors can be seen only on railing.

Looking at these pictures I realized that no one does better processing than mother nature. What’s say?

Enjoy another naturally monochrome image from Diu Islands trip. Have a good day.

Hard Work From Every Angle

For this week’s challenge, photograph a person, or a piece of fruit, or a toy — any stationary object — and experiment by photographing it from every angle.

We all take pictures of something or someone by standing directly in front of our subject, clicking the shutter, and calling it a day. It’s often the way we take photos when we first pick up a camera — though what if you were encouraged to try photographing your subject from every conceivable angle?

I tried to capture this Greek civilization model prepared by my elder son and group. It was very interesting to shoot from left, right and from top. I agree that sometimes the perfect image comes to life by simply changing your composition, and photographing your subject from a different angle.

Here is the gallery of pics of three dimensional presentation captured from every angle.

Here is my second entry for this topic. Chand Minar @ Daulatabad from every angle

No Middle seat Gossip

548552_3914156900309_1516951635_nI thank my stars if I get a corner seat

For the simple reason I don’t tweet

No more exchanging of phone numbers

I would rather go into deep slumber

My ear phones are on, my look is stern

No one dares to ask me for info churn

Look around, everyone is engrossed

Smart phones have given life a toss

Who’s got time to chat with neighbour 

You are in train or a plane, doesn’t matter

Chatting is in full swing but not with the tourist

Facebook is full of friend list, what’s up is best

Yes, I would be all game if the mother has a baby

He smiles at me and I would talk to him instantly

His tiny hands will try to touch me invariably 

I would enjoy the cuddles, will hold him sweetly

The innocence would touch my heart, love holds no bar

Rest I’m not interested in a person sitting next to me or far


A Dialogue with Geese


It’s Frisbee Wednesday again.This is the 20th prompt of Serendipity Photo Prompt. The topic is Geese

I went for my evening walk in the park.

Tired, looked for a bench, it was getting dark

Heard some noise, turned behind, saw a silhouette stark

I first saw a innocent winged creature with feathers as white as clouds

Then came another avian but hers were as grey as thundering mounts

I watched as they both came closer to me, could not resist myself……

“I need not ask you who gets more attention, must be you white beauty no?”

The white goose gave me puzzled looks.

“Why did you ask this weird question? Of course we both are same.

Don’t you see we have same beak, same feathers and we both have same abilities to swim.”

“No I mean….. One of you is fair. we all know

Fairer skin draw attentive eyes, appreciation and feeling of awe

White shines, looks radiant it all about beauty without flaw”

Dark complexion can make you feel less wanted at many places, Don’t you know?

You both are so like each other still very unlikely for this critical world

Now the white goose almost got agitated, she asked, “What do you mean by fair and dark?

For us it is only a matter of color, nothing beyond that.

You humans have weird sense of colors.

 Interpretations different from one another

You created so many flags to recognize different parts of one earth.

For us it is just “the earth”

God created colors, all are different hues of joy, love and light

It was you who interpreted them in different ways to bring plight

” You mean to say you don’t have such issues in your community? How cool ! I sighed.

The geese were shocked hearing this and replied

You mean that white will get the pampering strokes and the black will be pushed to a side?

Well we both get equal of everything and it is just alright

Ah, you egoistic creatures,” Who stopped you to be cool dudes?

Why you guys have to call white, a pretty swan and black,an ugly duckling?

You all look so much alike and yet look so different.” Chirped the black bird.

Shocked and speechless I watched both of them in wonder. What a lesson they just taught me !

Yes, though humans are very different yet we are so much alike

How I wish we live in a world where black is liked by all  AND WHITE IS NOT SO HYPE…………

How about nature, adventure and Photography ?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Habits

My father told me once,” Man is known by the company he keeps.” to which I asked, ” How do I make sure my company is good and I don’t end up landing in a wrong company? “

“Cultivate good habits ! ” he replied immediately. ” If you have good and healthy habits you will eventually look for people who have similar taste and they will also attracted towards you. It is mutual. Therefore check your habits and don’t let the weeds of bad habits spread in the garden of your body, mind and soul.”

I made it a mantra of my life. Did I follow the mantra? To a certain extent YES ! Proud to be in blessed company. 

I am extremely fond of adventure trips. I love cooking and decorating my home. Truly speaking over a period of time I have developed the habit of nature walks, trekking and photography. I enjoy my blog so much that it has become a habit to post few lines before I sleep. 

My books, camera, my garden, flowers and plateaus I climb are like friends to me. They literally talk to me. I can say that my habits help me in rejuvenating myself. I’m in blessed company. Want to remain in lap of mother nature always. 

O yes, I’m God-fearing soul so my daily prayers are must and it is one of the best habit I inherited from my parents.

Presenting you the gallery of my habits 🙂

One Photo Two Treatments

it’s really fun to experiment with different photo processing software actions and settings to see what I can come up with.

For this week’s A photo a Week Challenge we have to take a single photo and do two different types of post-processing on it. I chose three pics for this challenge. I hope you like the results.

I clicked this one on a manual mode and didn’t do much processing except increasing little bit of contrast, saturation or exposure here and there. In the last set I have used fade out and B & W effects.


What Will Happen, Will Happen

Que Sera Sera 

Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?

I believe in karma. I believe in prayers for the simple reason that my prayers are mostly answered.

Blessed soul ? May be. I thrive for love and happiness around me.

I have said it earlier and repeating it once more that I live in a moment. 

Heavy stuff like controlling my destiny / believing fate is too scary.

Just do your karma and forget rest. 

Right now that’s what I’m doing.

Work, work and more work. 

Not for money, not for livelihood but to keep myself flowing in a moment.

That’s what seems right choice to me at this moment. My choice and taste may change next moment.

Not interested in future predictions, tarrot card reading or checking horoscope 

All useless things, it makes you weak and meek 

People who read horoscopes of others and predict future are the ones most miserable, discontented souls themselves.

Purely my personal opinion, yours may differ with mine.

Let the creator create my destiny.

How is he going to do that ? 

I’m communicating to him. WE ARE IN CONSTANT TOUCH. I’m in safe hands ! IMAG2750