What Will Happen, Will Happen

Que Sera Sera 

Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?

I believe in karma. I believe in prayers for the simple reason that my prayers are mostly answered.

Blessed soul ? May be. I thrive for love and happiness around me.

I have said it earlier and repeating it once more that I live in a moment. 

Heavy stuff like controlling my destiny / believing fate is too scary.

Just do your karma and forget rest. 

Right now that’s what I’m doing.

Work, work and more work. 

Not for money, not for livelihood but to keep myself flowing in a moment.

That’s what seems right choice to me at this moment. My choice and taste may change next moment.

Not interested in future predictions, tarrot card reading or checking horoscope 

All useless things, it makes you weak and meek 

People who read horoscopes of others and predict future are the ones most miserable, discontented souls themselves.

Purely my personal opinion, yours may differ with mine.

Let the creator create my destiny.

How is he going to do that ? 

I’m communicating to him. WE ARE IN CONSTANT TOUCH. I’m in safe hands ! IMAG2750



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    1. I don’t work hard but I have no choice. My husband’s appointment gives me a good package of work which is as good as working for a NGO. My job keeps me busy, of course that is for money and growth both. Then comes my home which means more work….phew !

  1. I have never really thought about it. Things just happen. I had to wait a couple of minutes to reply to your blog because in the morning the “i” and “o” on my old Acer keyboard need time to warm up. I sprained my back a few days ago and still cannot walk normally, but I know it will go away. It might be karma, who knows, but we have a saying in German (perhaps it exists in english as well) translated as “weeds don’t die, they just spread”, yes that’s me and I am glad to spread into your blog, it’s karma really sets me up for the day.

    1. Oh, I didn’t know about your sprained back. Hope you are recovering fast Mrs.Swiss. I remained busy throughout and weekend was super busy. I missed out previous posts. Will try to read those. Off late I have realized that fate and destiny should be left to God because we cannot do much in this case.

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