Action is life. Lifeless objects are still and on the other hand being active is what we call a live cell.

Action is fun to watch but rather difficult to capture. Nancy has chosen Action Shots as a theme for this week’s One word Photo Challenge A perfect action shot is an achievement in itself especially for a person like me who is not very crude up with the technicalities of shooting action.

Here are some of my trial shots which shows action.



Sony 263 Sony 264 Sony 266 Sony 269 Sony 271IMAG2318IMAG2330



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  1. I remember when Kaity was young and as active as that … a whirlwind racing by! Great shots and well captured. It’s hard to grab those moments, but so great when we do 🙂

  2. You are a wizardess with a camera….some people just have IT ! I am guessing that handsome talented young man is your son… thank you for sharing those.

    1. You are right. He is my younger son doing somersault when he was 9. Now he is 15. The one on ropes is my husband. Basket ball is played by both my sons.

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