And I Forgot…..

You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.

So cool ! I was in a movie, enjoying for a day

First voyage of TITANIC, night was young and gay

Ooh la la ! Got a chance to feel Haute Couture

Moved like a star, wearing make up, flowing gown

High heels, flashy diamonds, a tiara fixed on my crown

Stunning interiors, grand ballroom so dreamy

I got carried away, made love so passionately

Suddenly I realized it was not my world

Which was this movie? Why I was here?

I just forgot to go back, I did not belong here

A big iceberg on the way, better to jump out to reach out there





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    1. Haha…. Thanks for the tag. That was the movie which left an impact on my mind and the last scene when she called ‘ Jack, Jack’ , there was no response made me numb. Jack was no more, it was too tragic. Kate was like a goddess, so pure, innocent and extremely beautiful. A true classic !

  1. hi…when I thought of my response to this prompt…this is the first movies that came to my mind…especially for the love of yound leonardo di caprio 😉 But then I thought of the shipwreck and back out …lovely post with subtle humor !!

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