Are these Casablanca Lilies ? Learning a new word

Time to confess: tell us about a time when you used a word whose meaning you didn’t actually know (or were very wrong about, in retrospect).

I have already answered this before. My last year’s reply can be found on the grid. Today I’m in no mood to confess. I have some beautiful pictures to share with you. If you have read my previous blogs then you know that presently we are receiving good amount of rains. My plants are growing and my flowers are so happy and healthy.

Today I happened to see some amazing lilies in my garden. It was such a pleasant surprise. When I got this young plant its leaves resembled of lily plant but I didn’t know which variety it was. For that I had to wait till the flowers would grow.DSC_0731 These saplings was given to me by my one of the boys who comes for household work. He used to watch me working in the garden and one fine day he came to me with three saplings and placed them in the flower beds. He appreciated my garden. I was taken aback as I hardly spoke to the boy before.DSC_0701 I asked him that why he wanted to give those saplings to me to which he said that he knew my love for flowers and my interest in gardening therefore he bought it for me. He had lots of it in his lawn so he took out few young ones for my garden. He informed me that I should be patient since it would take minimum a year to grow and flower.

I planted it between the orange lilies and slowly I forgot about it. I used to check in between. They were growing on a slow pace and there were no signs of buds. ” Will the flowers ever show ?” I thought and let it remained there for few more months.DSC_0704 Last week I saw a long stem grew from the roots having bulbs on its top. Flowering plants were growing from the bulbs. I waited desperately. Today the secret was revealed.  The most prominent bunch of lilies was shining bright in the sunlight. How gorgeous !DSC_0703DSC_0727 I wanted to know more about it so asked Google uncle and according to his dictionary it is called Casablanca lilies. I learnt this new term today. Casablanca lilies is widely developed as hybrid of oriental lilies, is famous for its beautiful bloom and intoxicating fragrance.

The pictures on net were looking similar to mine. I’m not sure whether I have got a correct name of these flowers. I would appreciate if you share any information regarding the flowers. That’s all from my garden. By the time you will read this post I will be off to trek the hill which has only a temple on the top.DSC_0719



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  1. It’s gorgeous. It looks a lot like a Calla lily, but not exactly, so I can see where the hybridization took place. There a hint of Chinese lily in its shape. I bet it smells delicious.

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