From driving fun-sized Ferraris to experiencing the miniature versions of the park’s most iconic rides, this place can entertain you for hours. We had a great time in Ferrari World theme park, one of the world’s most unique theme parks located in Abu Dhabi. It is literally a home to the fastest rollercoaster on the planet, an ultimate adrenaline rush, where you kind of recognize the need fir speed. It was surely a soul exhilarating experience for us as a couple and we really enjoyed every bit of it. Loved the passion, the upbeat energy, and the thrill in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Featuring record-breaking rides and adventurous attractions, it was a jam-packed world full of Ferrari Feeling in its purest form.

I will always remember this trip as a day of cutting-edge attractions, including the lightning-fast Formula Rossa rollercoaster and more than 20 other rides. there is something more for automobile lovers as they can delight themselves in the behind-the-scenes peek into the making of Italy’s leading luxury vehicle brand. Got few clicks for keeps. I fell in love with the bright red Ferrari. Wish I could drive it back home as a return gift.



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