Cee’s Fun Foto: Abandoned Buildings or Barns

Today let’s talk about the abandoned buildings. Cee has given us a very interesting topic this week for Fun Foto Challenge: Abandoned buildings or barns.

These are the photos of deserted huts, less visited churches in the valley, uninhibited spots which I came across while traveling on the roads. Hope you enjoy the gallery.

An ancient fort which has been abandon for decades.
An ancient fort which has been abandoned for decades.

once upon a time Ahom Kings used this building as a prison for criminals, now abandoned
Once upon a time Ahom Kings used this building as a prison for criminals, now abandoned
Abandon huts on a mountain
Abandoned huts on a mountain
Less visited churches
Deserted guest room in a small town
Uninhibited guest rooms in a small town
An abandon tomb
An abandoned tomb



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