Daring Do: A helping hand

I rescued a girl from the dangerous situation

She fallen in love with whom she thought  

He was an angel but was actually a demon

She trusted him, loved blindly, never fought

He had evil intentions, deeds worth summon

Poor girl had no clue to what misery he brought

By the time she knew, she was totally shaken

Betrayal shook her, alone, totally distraught


I came to know about it, pained, called on

Looking at her agony I decided to sought

The going gets tough soft options beckon

Pulled her from the sorrow, dire darkest past 

Myself being a spirited soul she could reckon

I made her learn simple rules of life I thought

When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade

Today she is an emotional yet strong woman ! 

She loves but not blindly, yes she is a poet……


The DP Prompt: Daring Do



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