Dedicated to son ( 3 Quotes 3 Days: Day 2 )

My son no.2 has been appointed as a ‘sports Captain’ of his school. He is now one of the members of the elite cabinet of The Cambridge Convent. I feel happy and proud when I look at the epaulettes on my son’s shoulders. The best part is that my elder son was also selected for the same post while he was in class 12th. He played as school sports captain in basket ball matches.

My son is happier as he followed the foot prints of his elder brother. May God bless them both.

Today my DAY 2 quote is dedicated to him. Love him……DSC_9807



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    1. I’m happy for my sons. They are really growing up. In another couple of years he would be leaving us too. I can’t imagine a home with just two of us 🙁

  1. This handsome and intelligent young man is a true leader who makes his family proud. You and your husband have been excellent examples for your boys, Rashmi. xo Robin

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