Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Over the past few weeks, the world has become a very different place. Roads which were once teeming with traffic are clear as a bell and noticeably free of smog. Trains and buses once packed with commuters are now parked. The world has come to a standstill.
Whatever our circumstances, it’s likely that we’re facing a new archetype. In times like this, where uncertainty and doubt define our day to day lives, it’s perfectly natural to hope for a return to normal.

Difficult times always lead to better days, Now the question is, “Can the lockdown bring out a better side in you? “ Here’s a golden opportunity to bounce back stronger and harder from your isolation – rediscover ourselves.

Open up to the world of learning 

  • Learn something you always wanted to!
  • Better yourself – whichever field it maybe! 
  • Identify opportunities for holistic development

Rejuvenate your creative side 

Creativity can lead to some of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in our lives.

  • Pick up your paintbrush 
  • Get crafty. Renovate, recycle and refurbish within the resources available at home.
  • Become a Chef and try out those recipes, you had never tried before due to scarcity of time.
  • Take out that camera, keyboard or flute which you probably had kept inside to never use again after few learning sessions.

Start making better choices than before 

  • We’re all realizing how much we’ve taken our friends and family for granted.
  • Show Gratitude, connect often, & be polite.
  • Give them surprise by sharing throwback pics from old family album.
  • Meditate, observe and learn patience.

We’ve unsung heroes at home 

We must acknowledge that our kids have been most patient beyond their age & intellect. These kids carve for open spaces to run around & their world has changed overnight.

  • Bring back the good old family time & bonding.
  • Appreciate them for their small achievements. 
  • Play, eat, share with them.
  • Give them free hand in making their own grocery list and menu for dinner.

Last but not the least have faith that all is going to be well soon.

Remember, we’ll emerge into a different world when the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted. And what sort of person the world sees then is up to us! That’s pretty exciting, right? 



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