How to be a Happier you in 10 Easy ways

Imagine yourself with your family and close friends at the beautiful hill station; everyone is smiling, laughing, and joking. Suddenly, you hear a doorbell and come out of the dream, which takes your breath away. There is a strong sense of satisfaction and well-being, ensuring happiness. Who doesn’t want to be happier? Many people feel lonely and unhappy despite having all the wealth and amenities to live a happy life. The real question is, how can you make your life exciting?

Are you aware that keeping yourself happy releases endorphins linked to longevity and good health? If not, read on as I share some old wisdom that you can follow by engaging in productive activities and working towards your personal goals.

“The person who lives life fully, glowing with life’s energy, is the person who lives a successful life.” Daisaku Ikeda

I will share ten facts that have helped me stay happy irrespective of what life offers. I chose to exhibit the strong mentality and maturity to deal with situations rather than feeling like a victim therefore today, I can call myself a resilient victor and therefore hope that this secret of my happiness equally resonates with you all.

1. Acceptance is the key 

You are a gift from God, so stop comparing yourself with others. Self-acceptance is all about accepting your physical attributes, income, success level, failures, and relations. In today’s world, people start losing hope if they are not making it big by a certain age. Should it be a statement of anyone not being successful enough? So, what should you do to overcome this stress to prove your worth to the world? Don’t let any inhibiting thoughts live in your mind. 

I recommend you remind yourself of these positive self-affirmations every day that people should know who you are the way you want them to know about you and not how they force you to know about yourself. Why to change your personality for someone? You are excellent at this moment. Your uniqueness is your most vital asset, so be proud of your strengths. 

2. Wear an Attitude of Gratitude

It is a well-known fact that gratitude is one of the best indicators of happiness. If done regularly, the habit of expressing appreciation can fill each day with joy. An old saying encapsulates the essence, “If you concentrate on what you have, you’ll always have more. Concentrating on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough.”

As an Armed services official, my husband has been through near-miss incidents while dealing with terrorists & insurgents in the line of duty. My options were to either feel sad about what life had given me or count my blessings, for he is with me despite his close encounters with death, including being mortally wounded in action. I am fortunate to spend time with the love of my Life and for what we’ve accomplished together. Once I started appreciating these things in life, I started looking at life through the lens of gratitude instead of getting scared. I felt happier and at peace because there was so much to be grateful for only if we could learn to look for it. Isn’t it?

3. Eliminate toxicity from your life

It is easier said than done; detaching yourself from people, relations, friends, business partners, or colleagues who make you unhappy can make your life less stressful. Although one cannot have a similar approach with family members, there is still no reason to put up with people who have been unkind to you. A toxic relationship impacts adversely. There are factors to consider, including communication style, conflict resolution style, dependency level, and degree of reciprocity. Nevertheless, we must respect established lines because these are well defined. Signs to the loo –

– You are walking on eggshells

– You are investing more in terms of time and emotions but little in returns

– You are being held back – not allowed to explore your potential

– There is a lack of independence or very little independence

– You sense a drop in your self-worth

The longer you stay in the toxic zone, the more damage it will cause you. It is essential to catch the bull by the horn and, where required, solicit help to move out of sticky situations. Engage in self-building to add value, which will boost your self-esteem. Sounds plausible?

4. Hope is a game-changer

Hope stays till the end. Studies have revealed that hope is Happiness and satisfaction in life. Hoping things will turn for the better and everything will be okay reinforces positivity amidst the ocean of uncertainty in which we operate.

 5. Herd Mentality is not Good 

Scheming and bully mindsets block your progress as it affects your mental health. Cut them off from your life. Never do things or follow people just because everyone around you is doing so.

Your outlook should persevere through difficult times and exhibit character even in adversity. I always remind myself that when God gives us problems, he would have hidden solutions somewhere too, which helps me navigate situations progressively.

6. Keep Learning from Adverse Situations 

You got to keep yourself motivated for growth during challenging times. Adverse situations can strengthen you by building character, educating you about life and relations, and creating a tolerance to emotional distress. We all are aware that many people lost their jobs during the pandemic. While spending more at home, they realized what they were missing out on in life. So now they think about the prospect of finding a better job that pays more with fewer working hours. Shorter working hours can lead to a better and more enjoyable daily life. Many of them fulfil their dream of being entrepreneurs by setting up their small businesses eventually to be happy forever. 

7. Surround yourself with positive people

Your relationships are crucial for your sense of well-being. Humans are social beings, and we need to be in mutually satisfying friendships and relationships to be happy. If you can spend time with someone, who will you choose, people who are smiling or those with a frown on your face? If you are one of those uncomfortable with meeting new people, then spend time with people whom you know and feel safe. But the fun starts once you grow in confidence and talk to individuals hither-to-fore unknown. You can remind yourself that strangers are friends you haven’t met yet.

8. Build your clan of true friends 

Understand that relationships are about giving and take, or reciprocity. Sometimes be ready for compromises. Be open to suggestions, flexible, and willing to shift if that brings peace. Share your opinions with trustworthy friends. Avoid isolating yourself when you feel sad or frustrated. The bottom line is to have quality over quantity. Don’t go overboard; avoid compromising your values or engaging in risky situations. It’s better safe than sorry but come what may. Surround yourself with the right people that bring opportunities for joy and friendship. Don’t let anyone make you weak by framing opinions in deciding for yourself.

9. Look for a healthy work environment.

Don’t we look for it all our lives as employed people? Research and survey reports claim that a toxic work environment gives birth to stress, burnout, and less productivity. You can’t afford to be unhappy at your work when you spend 40 hours a week at work.

Get into a profession that pays your worth, provides growth and supportive teamwork, and promotes equality and fairness. One must feel valued at the end of the day.

10. Practice Mindfulness

How would you do that? By adopting good habits like going vegan, eating healthy, doing physical exercises, yoga, or aerobics. Practice yoga, Pranayama/breathing exercises, picking up a sport, community engagements like Contributing to social clubs, happiness clubs, and doing charity. 

11. Start loving and respecting Yourself even if that includes doing something nice to cheer yourself up. Although I’m a firm believer that ‘Yes’ makes everyone around us happy, however, over a while, I have learned to say ‘No’ as and when required because it made others happy at the cost of my unhappiness. Stop moving around with negativity as you ask to do something that goes against the grain of your character. Just turn down the offer and be at peace. Making yourself a priority is not only good for your career but for your relationship too. Remember, “The more I give, the more I receive.”

I hope you all would agree with me on most of the suggestions given in this article. How about sharing your idea of happiness in the comments below? May you gain confidence with each passing day to keep the happiness quotient high. May your soul bloom into a smiling flower spreading the spirit of love. Take care and have a happy day.



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