I remember…….

Memoirists: Choose a hazy memory from your past, and use it as inspiration for your piece. Try to recall it — and don’t be afraid to show your uncertainty.

Walking down the memory lane

Heard a knock at the past life gate

From a bouquet of memories I have to pick one

There were testing times, life was never only fun

Met with challenges, overcame, shone bright as sun

Sleeting to be broken, dig deeper to find disturbing ones

Let those buried there, I will only talk about the happy ones


Well, here comes the most memorable moment of my life

A moment of pride, the ultimate bliss of wife

When my eldest son arrived in the world

So accomplished, blessed, complete I felt

Excitement at peak, wishes were being pelt

All my worries, anxiety and the pain melt


Oh, It was  25th Dec. holy  Christmas day,

A chubby, cute JESUS was born, healthy and gay

Doctors, nurses, patients, care takers

Along with relatives, friends and sisters

All came one by one to bless the newly born

“Little JESUS has arrived on Christmas !” they said

Celebrations started bang on !



My husband was thrilled, looked never so happy

trying to hold, touch and feel his precious baby

My mom in law glowing, talking and sharing her observations

Nose like mother, lips like father, while she checked body formations

My parents dancing, distributing sweets, mailing friends out of station

Lying on the bed relaxed, silently I watched them

Jubilant as well as cautious, I held my little gem

Tears rolled down from my eyes, on the cheeks

I was a mother now, a responsible person to speak

Yes ! It is a blessing from God, to give birth to a life

I remember the journey of being a mother from a wife

So good,  full of love, so rewarding and  away from strife


In response to Weekly Writing Challenge The Unreliable Narrator

In response to  POETRY COLLABORATION – I Remember 

You can read my other collaborations  here.



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  1. Your son is a very handsome, lovable and lucky boy! He is a blessing to all of you, Rashmi. He will go far in this world! I believe so! Hugs, Robin

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