Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign Of Ignorance

Here is my entry for Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs


I came across this mother daughter duo during my visit to an old monument of our city and there she was…..

Busy in getting her daughter ready for a click while her husband got impatient with camera……

The tourists saw and smiled at her who ignored the warning written on that board, moved to next statue….

I could not resist myself capturing this sight, I guess it is a fun entry for this week’s challenge.

Enjoy my first entry Signs Of Blessings in response to WPC: SIGNS  



18 Responses

    1. there should be someone guarding such monuments…people don’t understand there importance and are less likely to follow or even read these boards… 🙂

  1. Intention was to bring the negligence of a lady in notice who was not ready to listen to the advice of her husband who was feeling embarrassed.Just wanted to drive home a point. Faces have been blurred to protect the privacy.

  2. and point conveyed !! haha ! good one…though the ‘signs’ aren’t doing what they are meant to ..I guess they should be placed at a better loaction ,somewhere high up and in bolder letters…though offcourse , those have to disobey the rules do so anyway !

  3. I definitely think ignorance is around us, all the time. How dangerous for the baby! I also feel that if you take the photo and don’t show the face, this is perfectly all right. It is allowed, no one should mind this, Rashmi! You have such a great blog here, sorry not more readers! Hugs, robin

  4. funny but also sad…there is a reason why that sign is placed there, wish people were more observant to rules…nice capture though 🙂

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