Mad as a Hatter : There are moments of anger

1f9Yes, the spirited soul also gets angry

When the things don’t move smoothly

There can be reasons for hue and cry

At times I become rigid, behave so dry

I don’t feel excited to learn new and try

The trip to mountains doesn’t happen

The person I trust breaks it sudden

As if it won’t hurt me in the long run

There are bad hair days, weight issues

All said and done I can’t remain angry for long

It is a momentary emotion, not a sweet song

Short tempered but I quickly control my anger

Still I shout to see messed up house, I surrender

There are few things I expect from my husband 

A tidy bathroom at least, is it difficult to hang towel on stand?

After all my sons have to wish the guests and shake hands.

I was angry last evening not to find the prompt

Finally it reached and what was that? Replies within seconds?

I was shocked to see 65 replies in less then a minute

Either bloggers are so fast or I am too slow 

Whatever might be the reason but a point to ponder……..

Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

Daily post prompt: mad as a hatter



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