Who doesn’t like driving ? Especially long countryside drive or an adventure drive in a tourist place. Whenever I travel a new place, my endeavour is to take a local mode of transport. Each city has something different to offer. Like when we went to Mumbai it was so much fun to drive the vintage car of yester years.

The submarine drive in Wizag, Andhra Pradesh, was simply outstanding as we went under the sea to experience the life of marine soldiers. I was shocked to know some of the challenges and threat they have if something goes wrong or they are attacked in such a deep ocean.

Similarly while I was in Goa, I made sure to ride a boat along with fishermen to catch fish. We cooked the fish near one of the beaches and had a bonfire. Though I don’t eat fish but my other friends had the best of sea food that day.

The boat rides are best to explore the culture and day to day life of the local people residing at a particular place. Whether enjoying the floating market on a Shikara ride in Dal lake, Srinagar or cruising on a houseboat in Kerala backwaters, both are all equally exciting and adventurous in nature.

The best one I still remember, an elephant safari which was no less than a joyful activity in a wildlife park, located in God’s own country, Kerala, India. The locals over there worship elephant, being an integral part of their social and cultural life.

We also did jeep safari in many parts of jungles while roaming all over India. This pic is from Kanha wildlife park, Madhya Pradesh where we actually witnessed the big cat, tiger in it’s elements. You can read the previous posts on Kanha wildlife in my travel archives.

I also loved bicycle ride in one of the resorts where all other motor vehicles were prohibited due to the disturbance they could’ve created for wildlife in the forest. Therefore we were provided bicycles to move in and around the property.

Last but not the least, this water scooter/jet ski ride was the major attraction among water sports lovers in Goa. I was hesitating initially however picked it up in no time, drove smoothly while my younger son was screaming and holding me tightly from the back throughout while I was driving.

Hope you all enjoyed the things to drive for this week’s CBWC.

Take care and stay safe, Have a great day, Soul.



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