This week, Patti invites us to explore art–outdoors, in the park, on the street–for all to enjoy. When we travel, we often come across murals, graffiti, poster art, 3D art, Sticker and Sidewalk Chalk art as public art on display. In this post I shall be taking you to different parts of India and UAE to show you some of the soulful street art, I came across during my travel. Sharing pics for LAPC #170 :Street Art

Artistically designed street side Cafe in Abu Dhabi

Street art can be easily called as one of the most hybrid forms of artistic expression in the modern world because it’s objective is to draw upon the viewers attention on a burning subject what is already known, and moreover to influence the physicality of the subject to present their opinion.

These wildlife depicting murals adorned the wall adjunct to the entrance gate of Darjeeling Botanical Garden, West Bengal

Indian culture is not untouched with this contemporary art form. Since ancient days Indian tribes and rural community have been expressing their perceptions and imaginations through their native art form which is known as Indian tribal or wall art. In India, tribals are extremely talented and create amazing art pieces demonstrating their day to day life and culture. Like in Bihar, Madhubani painting (Mithila painting) was traditionally created by the women of various communities in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent. Today Madhubani village is also a major export center of these paintings.

Similarly India has some more tribal/wall art forms which are now world renowned and the art has made a niche for it’s vibrant appeal.

  • Warli Folk Paintings
  • Tanjore Paintings or Thanjavur Paintings
  • Madhubani Art
  • Saura Paintings
  • Bhil Art
  • Gond
  • Pattachitra Paintings
  • KalamazethuuArt
  • Khovar Art
  • Kavad Art
Vibrant and truly Indian ! Soulful art in the village of Kerala

Some of the famous Indian destinations for street art attract art lovers from all over the world. Most prominent is Fort Kochi, Cochin, where a group of young graffiti artists from across the world are researching and creating street art in public spaces all over the neighborhoods of Fort Kochi and Mattancherry. Even the internet says, ‘Kochi comes alive through Art streets’. Few other places are French Colony, Pondicherry. Gokarna, Kolkata, Panjim, Bangalore, Chennai, Thrissur and Kerala.

Another form of street art can be seen in the Mughal architecture inspired jali work.
Fish shaped Aquarium walls were decorated with this vivid aqua grafitti at Malampuzha dam
A giant golden Buddha statue can be noticed from a distance while you are about to reach Sikkim Monastery, India, myself posing in front of it for keeps.

This brilliantly designed outdoor sculpture on the main street facing the main entrance, has become the famous landmark of Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi. This sculpture has been created by International artist Marco Cianfanelli represents a group of six falcons that take flight and we can only see each one in some specific perspective and angle only.

This enormous artwork comprises of 132 columns that are 18 meters high, and required 120 tons of steel to build. Fabricated in South Africa, it was then shipped to the UAE.

That’s all from me. I wanted to add some more but the post will be too long then. I shall wait for the next post with similar theme some time in future. Which one you liked most please share in comments and also check other wonderful posts tagged for lens artists # 170.

Thank you and have a wonderful day, Wishes from soul.



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