What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.

” I’m going to have a king size pizza” I almost said it loud in exuberance of spending good time with my friends. It was the Friday Night fever at TGIF. Every body was busy placing order. It was chaotic scene, the menu card was invariably torn when two of my friends tried snatching it from my hands. In the ensuing melee my focus shifted from pizza to the waiter who was taking order from me, albeit confused, scribbling down the vast order of variety of toppings. Some ordered olive and corn topping, others have decided on extra cheese topping for their pizzas.


He suggested in grumbled tone,” Why don’t you try today’s special classic cheese garlic bread with hot mushroom soup, in the mean time I will get your pizzas, you can still go through the menu to know about our special combo meals.” We liked the idea and nodded our heads happily.

Girls were chatting and admiring each others dresses, shoes and accessories while boys were joking around, some still looking for value for money combinations in the menu card. John started capturing the moments in his iphone whereas Sophie was freaking out on selfie.

” What would be the topic for today’s prompt on WordPress?” I was contemplating. The thought of writing after a feast did not appeal me at that moment.

Liza mumbled to Esther sitting next to her, ” I hope pizzas are super cheesy and delicious. These ones look so tempting !” she pointed her finger to the gallery showing glossy pictures of new flavours launched by the brand.

” Today l shall write an article on hope.” An idea stuck to me watching my friends waiting desperately for food.

Suddenly I felt a gentle touch on my right shoulder. I turned to find a small girl looking at me. Bit uneasy with her gaze, I stood up quickly. ” What’s your name?” she asked me and before I could realise, I found myself replying to her, ” I am Soul, What can I do for you?”

The girl smiled and said in a ecstatic tone,” I was looking for you, You can surely help me.” Holding my finger she tried to pull me away from my table.

” Where are you taking me dear?” I enquired. 

” You will come to know in a minute.” the girl replied softly.

” This must be a very old building.” I whispered to her as we reached near a haunted bungalow.IMAG2523

” Yes, you got it. This is an ancient bungalow where my granny used to live. Now it is in shambles. My parents never bothered to take care of this ancestral property.” she muttered sadly.

” What role I have to play in this?” I paused to hear from her.

“You said you are Soul, right? You are a writer. I have visited your blog a couple of times. I find you a pure one with positive spirits.” She continued as I listened to her, awestruck to speak.

” I want you to compile all these letters into a memoir.” she put a wrinkled old leather bag in front of me. I took out a pile of letters from the bag, crumbled, too fragile to unfold, barely readable.

” What made you think I would be jumping at your offer ? I am amazed to see your confidence in me Miss…..Sorry  you haven’t told me your name yet.” I was aloof this time.

” You never asked me before.” came a crisp reply. ” You can call me Rosa. I am sure you will write for me. Word Press has just blessed you with future prediction power. You have pledged to do good deeds, help the needy and spread kindness. Didn’t you were the one who said that ‘Less is more’ ? She  stared at me with a twinkle in her eyes.

” Yeah, of course I was the one and I mean it too, but still…that’s fair… you know….” I started blabbering.

“Look I really admire you for your courage to remain positive in all circumstances. I sincerely believe my grand mother’s ideologies  and philosophy shall enrich the world. I treasured it for so long but then it has to be assessable to all to reap the benefits from it in life. She stressed on the importance of being harmonious with nature. I want you to be a facilitator in nurturing my dream. You cannot refuse me Soul.” requested  Rosa.

“If you think so strongly about it, Why don’t you write yourself ? You seem to me pretty sensible and knowledgable girl. I think you must consider it rather than reading what others are writing.”  I coldly replied though I did not like being rude to her.

” I would have been by now if ever I could. ” Tears rolled down her eyes. Rosa removed her coat and the sight left me cold and numb. She had an artificial limb attached to her left elbow, now visible clearly from the T-shirt sleeve.

 Rosa looked so strong to me few minutes before and now a helpless grand daughter barely able to stand with her shattered confidence. I quickly held her in my arms and made her sit next to me on a bench lying there. 

“I had lost my left hand in a accident while we were returning back after visiting my granny. My father lost both the legs and become bed ridden. My mother pledged never to see her again in future as she blamed my granny for this tragedy since she insisted us to return despite my mother was reluctant to travel late at night. She did not want my father to miss the presentation he had to give the next morning. 

Lying on her death bed, she kept on waiting for my parents till her last breath. The soul left her body but her eyes remained opened in wait.” narrated Rosa in a choking voice. We both were silent for next half an hour.

Feeling ashamed for my egoistic behaviour, I Promised Rosa to provide all possible help who was walking beside me on our way back to the cafe. She was no more a stranger to me. We were two souls dedicated for a mission- ‘ Write to illuminate  the world.’

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