Who cares for Talent? All busy in Rat Race

Forth one from left in yellow top So sad, there is no worth for a talented person,  all we want are workers, churning out presentations

Corporates have huge targets. companies have to earn more profits, teachers have to give 100% result…..

Children have to learn salsa, jazz, sports, music along with academics to become perfect set of kids…..

Mothers have to achieve yummy mummy status, look far younger for their age, handle career along with home….

She has to be superwoman, needs to cook all cuisines, throw lavish talk of the town parties, looking at her best…..

Fathers have to keep their boss, wife, children and parents happy, by working overtime, life is more like an acid test….

Who has got time to acquire or nurture talent?  Everyone is running and running fast to achieve impossible in life…..

Where is the will to appreciate a painting, enjoy a sweet song sung by daughter or flute played by son ?

Where are moms who can stitch frocks and knit a pullover?

Where are fathers who can paint the house all over?

Where are children reciting the poems or acting on stage?

I would love to clap for those who can show reading writing skills

Alas ! I can’t see anyone….all have gone to check their appraisals balance



7 Responses

  1. Great article Rashmi ! What you are saying is that we need more people who invest time on themselves and pursuing their own creativity. How insightful is that ! We force our children to participate in reality shows so that some of their fame can rub off on us. We want our children to do well in school, so our names and our families names fly high. Do we ever stop to think what our children want or our husbands want or our wives want ? What do our loved ones actually want to do ? What gives them happiness ?

      1. I love reading posts and commenting on them Rashmi, because it helps me make new friends and understand people in depth.

  2. You nailed it. That’s the way the world goes round. I remember back when I was a lot younger trying to do it all an finally, realizing I couldn’t. No way. Absolutely no way. We all try. We all fail. Because — it’s impossible.

    1. We live mechanical life in our profession. There is no room for novel ideas coming from subordinates. Boss is always right. Damned ‘yes man army’.

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