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Diwali hangover can be seen among all of us at home. It was post pandemic Diwali therefore lot of local travel is happening in order to meet friends due to which I am struggling to cope up with the photo challenges, however managing to write a post or two daily. This week the challenge given by Tina for lens artists is, “To share your images of Interesting Architecture – whether in your back yard or anywhere else around the world.” To be honest, I haven’t traveled many countries in the world however whichever places I went, had some amazing architechural marvels to look at. Today I would be sharing just a glimpse of some of the amazing destinations I have traveled so far.

Below is the picture of a beautiful National Muesum in Sri Lanka, I had visited 5 years back. The metaled railing having warriors in action was so unique and different in style.

The pillars in this picture clearly reflect the architectural style of Sri Lanka, at one of the old buildings there. There was artistry along with technical expertise. One can notice the illustrations in the elegantly carved stone pillars dating from the 8th century like the lotus-stalk pillars of the Nissanka Latha Mandapaya are unique in South Asian architecture.

Next in line is the famous mosque of Abu Dhabi, the largest one in the country certainly can be called as architectural wonder. I was in awe by its grandeur and couldn’t stop clicking hundreds of pictures as each and every corner was worth capturing. It is compulsory to wear a full body hijab to enter the mosque. You can see me wearing that. The bast part is they are getting those drycleaned and ironed in large automatic machines in the big laundry room so that the female visitors get a fresh piece, a crisp, perfumed one. You don’t mind wearing that at all.

Named after the founder and first president of UAE, Sheikh Zyed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, is said to unite the world for design and construction, including artisans and materials from many countries including India, Italy, Germany, Morocco, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Iran, China, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Republic of Macedonia and United Arab Emirates

Standing under the world’s largest challendiar on the most expensive carpet.

The arches and the interiors were breath taking. Sheikhs of UAE are famous for extravaganza lifestyle and Dubai is all about the world largest, biggest, tallest etc etc therefore you get all to see at one place. Below is the skyline of Dubai which can not be ignored while we talk about architecture. Looking at it who would believe that it used to be all desert just few decades back? The whole thing seems to just pop out from the sand overnight. This was the view from Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

I love walking in the lanes of South Mumbai to admire the arches and clock towers which literally gives you colonial era vibes. The buildings are inspired by the victorian gothic architecture of early nineteen century. You can enjoy some more pictures in my detailed post here. You will surely fall in love with Mumbai.

Now some of my all time favorite Indian destinations for marvelous architecture
Ellora caves, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, carved from a single mountain
Rumtek Monastary in Sikkim
Chilpam in Bomdilla, Arunachal Pradesh
The symmetry of pillars captivates you like anything at Ellora caves

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  1. Loved your “view from the top” and your comment that it was all sand not very long ago. I’d love to visit some day. All of your examples are truly wonderful!

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