Perspective Changes With Time

I was a wanderer who always wanted to roam and fly

Climb the hills, roll on the sand, touch the blue sky

Time was never an issue, we were in love, newlyweds

Had all the time to walk hand in hand in the woods

Decorating the walls of our abode with art and souvenirs

Each one, a token and reminder of a place we traveled on earth

carpets, mugs, magnets, leather masks, wall hangings, no dearth

That was the perspective then, to collect and feel proud

Then we both grew in age, children left for their college

We continued traveling as wanderers but no more collection

Who would dust and polish this after retirement? Age did I mention?

The perspective changed as time passed, now we make memories

By clicking pictures of art, culture, click and share in Instagram stories

No more things I need to fill up my space,

It’s so difficult to get help to put it in shape. Amirite?

This post is part of Past squares – Perspective and Time topics, and with this post, I have completed all the topics for the Squares. It was so much fun. I would like to thank Becky, the host of Past Squares Challenge to host and compile all squares posts with so much passion and love every week. Hope you all agree with my perspective of time and age. In every picture, you can notice the clock. So eligible to play for Past Squares next year. Amirite? Daily prompts are Amirite, leather



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