The enchanting Light ( Flash Fiction Chain # 3)


The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger Jithin of Pho Trablogger . The picture that you see above ,is his creative photography which inspired this piece of fiction writing . Please click HERE and provide your valuable feedback on this picture. Also you can check out his blog for more wonderful pictures and travel related posts….I am sure you will enjoy them … (This flash is meant to be continued by another blogger, so i have written it in a way that would ease its continuation… 🙂 )

 Character List:

Rebecca: Protagonist (  the main character)

Samantha: Rebecca’s mother

David Lyngdoh: Samantha’s husband and Rebecca’s father

Joe: Smantha’s childhood friend

Eda: Joe’s daughter and Rebecca’s friend

Kavin; An elderly widower works as supervisor in the monastery

 It was a gorgeous dawn. The glow of the early winter sunrise covered the sky with yellowish golden and red hues. The glistening pearls of night dew were enjoying the warmth of the sunlight clung to the blades of the lush green grass. Rebecca got up early with the first ray of light. The stillness of the early morning scene reminded her of the famous quote,”Dawn is  friend of the muses.”

There were lots of activities going on in the premises. The monks were getting ready for the chanting of mantras, lamas looked fresh and energetic in orange robes. They were busy cleaning the assembly hall. The monastery rituals were to be completed in time. 

Rebecca took a deep breath and thanked God for the beautiful day. It was her fortieth birthday. Though she touched forty but she looked quite young for her age. A well toned petite figure, firm breasts, wrinkle less face, high cheek bones, straight lustrous mahogany hairs made her look much younger for her age.

She had two glasses of warm water, did bit of stretching and went for a shower. Draped in colorful satin wrap around and a woolen red coat she was looking pretty.
Quickly she had her prayers, settled for a light breakfast of boiled corns and a dry toast, she poured red herbal tea in a tall bamboo glass. The aroma of her freshly brewed tea filled the air with a scent of cinnamon. In the meanwhile her mother, Samantha brought roasted puffed rice in a bowl for her which she politely refused. She reminded her about the morning assembly.

“ I hope you did not forget about the assembly mom !  I have to reach the hall to see the seating arrangements. So much to do !….Butter tea and muffins have to be prepared. Ah! that reminds me,  have you told Kavin uncle to get fresh flowers for decoration?” Rebecca asked Samantha.

Samantha nodded her head in affirmation,“ Yes, you will get the flowers. Kavin was worried about today’s tea arrangements. I assured her that you have personally taken care of everything. Just make sure it goes well.”
“ Oh yes ! I will manage that. You need not worry. Joe is there to help me” she replied confidently.

Today was going to be a big day for the monastery which is like a home away from home. Dalai lama was coming to the Lepung monastery to address all. He would be giving pearls of wisdom to young lamas.

When Samantha left Tibet she hardly knew where she would settle for rest of her life. David Lyngdoh betrayed her and  eventually their ten years of steady marriage came to an end. She was totally dejected, felt immense pain, so much that she left the country with her five years old daughter and reached India on the insistence of his childhood friend Joe.

Joe worked here as a catering in-charge in the hostel canteen to procure food for young lamas. She was a good cook and Joe gave her a job in the kitchen. Samantha was in awe to see the giant architectural marvel. The peaceful, serene surroundings of the building had an calming effect on Samantha’s otherwise disturbed mind and depressed soul. She was given a single room accommodation where she started from the scratch with Rebecca who felt lost in an alien atmosphere. Samantha seldom spoke to anyone in the monastery about her past. With her efficiency, hard work and simplicity she won the hearts of the management and the entire staff of monastery. Rebecca took over the charge once Samantha retired at sixty five. Her tired bones had no energy left for the taxing job.

Rebecca had one last glance in the mirror, she kissed her mom who instantly woke up from her memories and blessed Rebecca once again on her birthday. Rebecca greeted Eda who was waiting outside. They both started walking towards assembly hall.

“How is Joe uncle recovering from fever?” asked concerned Rebecca.

” Well… he is feeling better dear. Mom is slightly worried for his health. How much I would miss my father today you can very well understand”. said emotional Eda.

“I appreciate your feelings for your father. Joe uncle and you have done so much for us. My mom got her identity back because of her, may God bless him always.” she softly pressed Eda’s hand. 

” You know how excited I’m today.” chirped Rebecca to change the mood of the conversation. Gosh ! I can’t believe my stars ! In a short while I…. I mean I, Rebecca, would be actually meeting Dalai Lama. pinch me Eda….and pinch me hard “

” He is the inspiration of your life. Everyone knows that you have grown up reading his thoughts and philosophy.” said Eda.

A strict disciplinarian herself Rebecca implemented them in her daily life, she has devoted her youth to this monastery and found bliss in cooking meals for everyone present there. She followed and practiced Buddhism which made her a very positive soul. Eda went to the medical room to get medicines for Joe, Rebecca entered the prayer hall.

As Rebecca was arranging the flowers in front of the huge statue of Buddha she heard strange sound as if someone tried opening the main door. She spontaneously turned towards the direction from where the sound had come. To her utter surprise she found the door ajar….. the golden light was entering through. She was stupefied and her eyes opened wide, she could feel the strong vibrations in the air. Her body turned cold and her feet went numb as her gaze fixed on the light while she was searching for the source of this enchanting light………

The next part of the story has been written by I-read

You can pingback on the links of all 9 parts of the story from the comment box too.



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  1. What a brilliant setting!! Loved the monastery atmosphere you created. And here we have a strong female protagonist! Wonderful start. This is going to be interesting.

    1. I am much relieved now. Actually I was feeling pressure to write something worth to continue with the chain. First step is always difficult and I am so glad to know that my efforts are being appreciated. Thanks a ton for pushing us and experimenting more 🙂

      1. Now this story can be turned into fantasy, mystery, miracle anything that we want to make out of it. I hope this will turn out to be a great fantasy!

        Am I Pushing?!! 😉 😀

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