The Shadows on the Wall (Flash Fiction Chain # 4)


The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger friend Jithin of PhoTrablogger. The picture above is his creative photography which inspired this series of fiction writing. Do check out his blog to read his adventures while traveling and some lovely photographs.

Character List : Maggy-19 year old Granddaughter of the Owner of the House Robert-House Cook Steve-House Caretaker Grandpa- Owner of the House (Who Is Missing) Frank Somerset Nita (new character)

The links to the previous parts of the story are- Part 1: Sweety  Part 2: The Traveling Hat Part 3: Saya Part 4: Fiction Limbo Part 5: Sona Part 6: Manvi Part 7: First Draft Part 8: Wandering StoryTeller

Now start reading Part 9

————————————————————————————————————————————————– Nita remained busy through out the next day and when she got back home, her cousins wanted her to finish the story. Nita completed the daily chores and then went about narrating the remaining part of her unfinished story. This is where she commenced-

Maggy was terrified that Frank has developed some magical potion as a panacea for eternal youth and now wanted her as a guinea pig for further confirmatory tests. She tried to reason out with Frank but all her request were in vain.

Maggy, “Grandpa it is not correct to interfere with the nature, what you are doing is unethical.”

Frank replied,” This world doesn’t differentiate between ethical and unethical as long as it serves the mankind, obviously the end justifies the means. Are you aware of the possibilities that will come our way if the trial I plan to conduct on you is successful?  This will be a quantum jump for the mankind.” His eyes opened wide.

Maggy shivered as the fear of some unknown tragedy being struck ravaged her inner soul, she tried appealing to the goodness in her Grandpa which was overshadowed by the demonic being of Frank. Tears welled up in her eyes and Maggy dabbed the handkerchief to wipe them, clearing her throat she begun,

” Rob dear, how can you support something that’s so evil and is against the tenets of societal norms. Moreover where is the surety that nothing bad will happen to me? If something bad happens can it be undone.” Nita’s cousins were listening in rapt attention as the story was entering in the unchartered domain.

Rob was transfixed as though he had no will of his own, he fidgeted in his pants and with pleading eyes turned towards Frank and requested,” Sir, what Maggy is saying is true, although we’ve helped you in your scheme of things but harming your own family for wicked purposes is not good. I request you to spare Maggy and take me instead for subject trial.”

Frank appeared in no mood to listen and growled back at Rob,”You dumb fool it’s for your betterment and that of society that I ventured into this field. How dare you question my selection of specimen for trial?”

As the tension in the room rose the silence brought an eerie feeling of impending doom. Rob knew that if he had to save Maggy, some drastic action was needed. In a fraction of second he shoved Frank aside and grabbed Maggie by her hand to escape from her from her tormenting grandpa. In the blink of an eye Rob and Maggy were darting away through the alleys of old mansion. They were running for their lives without looking back, continued running till their lungs gave away, God knows for how long. They fell in a heap of cattle feed and went into deep slumber.

It was a sunny resplendent morning. The rain-washed sun of early autumn took the hue of pure gold. Its brilliance made Maggy look more beautiful. The way Rob’s inconstant little heart behaved was embarrassing for himself but his gaze was fixed on Maggie who was an angel sleeping blissfully. He gently hold her hand and bent down to kiss her. His warm breath forced Maggie to wake up. She could feel Rob’s moist lips on her forehead. His broad chest almost touched her petite silhouette…..

Will Maggie forgive Rob and accept her proposal? Will she forget the ugly shadows of past? Will Frank be able to catch them?

Read next part written by Yinglan to know the answers.



24 Responses

  1. Done a great job, Rashmi! So now Nita is the narrator and the mysterious story continues! It is exciting, with Frank at their heels and the romance blossoms again!

  2. So we are back in the story 🙂 Some more romance till Frank comes back in the story 😀
    Doesn’t feel like written in hurry. Good one, well connected as well. 🙂

  3. You wove the story to back to Maggy. I loved the fact that you pointed out that Frank was trying to experiment on Mags. You have amazing writing skills Rashmi. Keep writing and have a wonderful year 😀

    1. Thanks ! This is such a heart warming comment. I wanted to bring more clarity and of course Maggie is our main lead therefore story had to revolve around her. Off to read yours 🙂

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