Rather than sharing one more time hate to love stories I would tell you a new story without any guilt pleasure.

Today after a gap of three months we both went for a LONG drive. Tarun drove 150 km. to reach Shirdi, the famous town where the Indian spiritual  master Sai Baba stayed and finally was buried. People come here from all over the world to get a glimpse of their God, Sai baba. People regard him as their guru, saint, fakir or father. Sai means ‘poor’ in Persian language and in Banjara language it means ‘good’ thus Sai Baba denotes “poor father.” or “Holy father”.04_04_14_08_35_22_AMShirdi-Sai-Baba

Entire world love Sai Baba and he loves as well as blesses the world. A divine soul, a kind heart, no love for perishable things Baba was a saint whose sole motive of life was self-realization. He taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to God and guru. shirdi4

According to Baba the only way to find God was to spread love and help the needy.  He opposed all persecution based on religion or caste. He was an opponent of religious orthodoxy – Christian, Hindu and Muslim and he combined the elements of these religions to create a new religion called humanity. 

Who doesn’t know his most popular epigram, “Sabka Malik Ek” (“One God governs all”), which is the crux of  Hinduism, Islam and Sufism. He also said, “Trust in me and your prayer shall be answered”. He always uttered “Allah Malik” (“God is King”) 

We came out of temple premises after spending an hour with Baba, blessed and satisfied. I thanked God for Tarun’s safe arrival and also prayed for flood victims. Photography is strictly prohibited so I used Google images of Sai Baba. The images below are mine._DSC2806

On our way back I observed the landscape that looked dry and brown. Along side the road  ripen sugarcanes were being loaded in the truck for processing. Other rabi crops were adding green color in otherwise brown land. DSC_8555Cotton flowers were next to be harvested. I will share the pics of loaded cotton trucks in my next post._DSC2835All in all a fulfilling drive and Baba has showered his blessings too. Om Sai Ram !



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