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When I first moved here a few months back, I couldn’t believe that, I would like this place so much. There was something magical about this place. The big tree in the front, the big lawn just next to the villa, tall trees at both the sides providing shade, the spacious rooms and a big living room, everything was just perfect for me to shift in this villa for next two or more years to make it as our new home.

“How about staying here for a longer duration as I am totally tired of shifting every two years?” I asked my husband who was checking the showers and pressure of water in the bathroom taps.

“Yea, we will cross the bridge when it comes. Firstly let me check with the landlord and sign the deal.” He tried to avoid the old conversation of ours whenever we used to look for the ideal house in a a new location having posted to a new location and I would start dreaming to live there little longer. Each location was a nature’s paradise somethere in hills or valleys. Rarely we got big cities to stay until he rose to senior ranks. I cannot complain since I knew that I would live a life a nomad after tying a knot with an army officer. Rather it was more like fun however due to human tenedency it was pretty normal to get attached with the house after spending a part of of your life. I had read somewhere that women are more like cats, attached to the house, they wouldn’t follow the occupants and don’t mind who is the master as long as they are fed milk, unlike dogs who would follow his master without blinking an eye. Would wait till eternity if left behind.

“Okay,” I sighed, “But I have this intution that we are going to stay here longer you see. How and why, I don’t know but it will be a comparitively longer stay.” was my optimistic reply.

“Let’s bring the stuff and start unpacking so that we are settled soon. Diwali is round the corner and we have to set up the whole house before festivities begin. Workers and heplers will go on leave near Diwali and you will end up waiting for them till they come back from their village.” suggested my husband.

“I think you are right. Let’s start with the kitchen and bedroom first so that we are functional at least to get other rooms arranged.” I noded in agreement.

We both, as experienced couple started to set up the house with proper planning and meticolusly we got our paintings hanged, cupboards arranged. In addition I shifted my potted plants, grown out of propotion, in the flower beds made outside the house so that they can grow taller. Keeping Diwali in mind we also put lights on the walls and trees. To add the festive vibes I did rangoli and arranged diyas and lantern outside the main entrace.

Glad you asked, would we stay here longer? So yes, our stay got prolonged due to pandemic, postings didn’t happen and all were told to work from home. The beautiful villa has been our current abode since then and we love staying here every single day.

In response to FSS#18 FOWC, RDP



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  1. That’s a beautiful home, glad you could enjoy it for longer. Your story is very familiar as I have lived the same life of moving from one place to another..

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